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Mark Brodinsky, an employee of USHealth Advisors has been telling beautiful success stories that cannot be found on Facebook. USHealth Advisors is the parent company of USHealth Group. Mark Brodinsky is the perfect person to share these success stories because he is a great man of faith. He is a person who believes that everyone is their own miracle. Mark believes that it is easy to find your destiny as long as you keep faith and work hard towards your goals.

USHealth Group and the USHealth Advisors both have a mission to help others. The President and CEO of USHealth Advisors, Troy McQuagge, started a mission named HOPE several years ago. This mission is dedicated to helping people who live throughout the entire nation. Over the years these two companies have committed themselves to going above and beyond to doing kind acts. The companies have helped to build homes after Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and the companies have also helped the parents of cancer patients. USHealth Group has spoken publicly on several occasions to inform the public that giving back is a way of life for them and they won’t ever stop.

The most recent employee to join the USHealth Advisors team is Randy Hildebrandt. Before Randy joined USHealth Advisors he had a hard time finding his way through life and just finding exactly what he wanted to do with his career. Randy started out thinking he wanted to work as a baseball player; however, that did not work out because Randy had soon developed a shoulder injury. Afterward, Randy found himself working as a bartender while he was saving money in college. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

After Randy graduated he soon started working at an insurance company. The insurance company that he was working for for several hours away from his home and he just felt like he was working a job with no purpose. After Randy had a conversation with Troy McQuagge, he decided to join their team. Randy is extremely happy with his new position with the company. He is now happily married and he is also a father now. Learn more:


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