The “Wild Ark” of Preservation

Due to air pollution and global warming, many people expect the worst. With the influx of industrialization in developing nations, the well-being of wildlife remains compromised. Therefore, the vegetation that once covered an entire society remains no longer. Due to deforestation, the world’s forests face rapid depletion. As humanity becomes aware of the threat that it faces, many organizations have chosen to take action. However, few organizations remained as aggressive as Wild Ark. Since the organization’s conception, Wild Ark has made substantial strides in making the world a better place.


Moreover, the company’s purpose remains simple. With that being said, Wild Ark’s goal remains on preserving “green belts” worldwide in order to save wildlife. Moreover, the organization intends on creating opportunities for people to join their cause and save the planet. Due to the fact that humanity’s existence remains inextricably linked to certain species, it remains pertinent for people to create a safe haven for these animals. Moreover, Wild Ark stems from a rich history. In fact, a group of conservationists brought the idea to fruition. Therefore, one thing led to another. Moreover, these conservationists remain devoted to teaching people about the importance of saving wildlife. As a result, countless people have changed their vacation plans to visit more “eco-conscious” destinations such as Samoa. With its tropical appeal and clear waters, it remains hard to resist.


Moreover, the founders of the organization remain Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Due to their heightened sense of awareness, they decided to positively change the world. In particular, Mark Hutchinson remains an avid conservationist. At a young age, he chose to dedicate his life to protecting endangered species. To begin, his fascination with nature began as a child. His childhood consisted of gathering sheep, riding horses, and so forth. Moreover, he hails from Australia. By the age of 19, Hutchinson became enlightened and created a company called, “UNTAMED.” As a result, the company became largely successful and later became known as Avana. By 2015, he became disinterested with the corporate world. Henceforth, he birthed Wild Ark. Thanks to the organization’s efforts, numerous ecosystems remain preserved.


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