Securus Christmas Visitation Saved Our Family

We were quite literally at the end of our rope when you had our first call with Securus, and it was over Christmastime. We were in a bind as our family was split up between the jail and home. I wanted to see my mom for the holidays, and no one made it out the jail. We started a Securus call, and our lives changed. This article explains how we altered our lives with one call from Securus, how they helped us set up an account and speak to my mom often.


#1: Mom Was Far Away


Mom was in a jail that no one could visit, and it was hard to see her at any other time than a video call. Video calls were not an option we knew about, and we found out about Securus and their video network. The videos created by the network are solid, and we see each other easily. The video is easy to use, and we all stay on the calls through our phones and tablets.


#2: The App Makes A Difference


We have an app that makes quite a difference in our lives, and we connect to Securus with on tap of the screen. We have the app on all our devices because it is easier to use, and I have set up calls for members for the family while we all stand around one phone or tablet. I taught my cousin how to use the app on her phone, and she loves to talk to my mom now.


#3: The Customer Service


I called to set up my service, and I asked the person on the other end of the phone how to manage my account from my computer. I learned many things about my account, and I have an account today that was started with the first person I talked to. I have sent many people in the family over to receive help with their accounts, and I am pleased with the way their company looks after us. I feel welcome and respected at all times with Securus.


Securus began with a promise to offer video calls that cannot be breached, and they bring the video calls to more jails around the country every day. There is no greater service to families this holiday season than what we see when we call with Securus. I appreciate their app, their commitment to our family and their video quality.


Bernardo Chua: Founder of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is widely-refereed as to the top names in the industry of direct selling. Bernardo has focused on his coffee efforts for the last decade. Other products in his interest have been tea and cocoa. For this reason, he has also worked extra hard to introduce these products to people all-over-the-world through direct selling policies.

Bernardo has also played a major role in the excellence of two companies including Organo Gold and Gano Excel. His business commenced in the Philippines. For this reason, he has also played a major role in the bringing of Ganoderma in the United States of America and Canada. In Philipines, the name Bernie was adopted by most of his business associates as the short form of Bernardo. In the early parts of his life, he thanks the Chinese for introducing him to Ganoderma.

This is a product of mushroom which can be found growing wildly in the woods I the interior parts of China and other countries in Asia. For this reason, he also decided to found the initial market for herbs and succeeded in the bringing of coffee through his dreams as a business man to the public arena.

When Bernardo Chua set out to do business in his dreams, he saw the great benefits which lied in the direct selling platform. For him to grow his business quickly, he needed a spearhead to make it work out effectively.

For him to commence his business in the Philippines and grow to other parts of the world, he needed a stronger force of marketing found through direct selling strategies through the online arena. For him, direct selling is one of the only ways to do business I this competitive world.

One of the most successful business people in the Asia is Bernardo Chua. His business has grown to other numerous amounts to make his world a better place to thrive

. Because he believes in the force of direct selling, he has also found many benefits of direct selling through research and innovation. For him to succeed in this business, he decided to work closely with the greatest producers of Organo Gold. This allowed continuity of business.


Would you like to know of a great company with fantastic employees and services around many corners of the globe? Yes friend, you did ask already. I will tell you: the name is IAP WORLDWIDE. Let me tell you just a bit more.
“At IAP, doing things right means more than solving our customers’ problems in the smartest, most efficient way. It’s making sure our actions align with the highest standards of moral and professional conduct. Our three core values – respect, responsibility, and integrity….”

By the way, for those of you whose curiosity is quite a bit piqued already….and it should be….allow me to add a bit more. Did you know this? IAP WORLDWIDE stands for none other than INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE. What a great title and a statement are combined in one power packed punch: ingenuity and purpose. In other words, the company is there with a purpose, not by purpose, and fulfilling its purpose. How neat is that?

The company itself has come a long way, working itself hard since its early roots back in the good old year of 1953. Boy, was it a good year. Why was it a good year, you may be asking and wondering? Well, my friend, among many remarkable accomplishments astronomical to the time frame era, it was, after all, when this good old global leader company got founded and launched…..since then offering numerous services and jobs around the world.

Allow me to list the guidelines which members and employees of IAP WORLDWIDE are asked and required to live by on a regular, day to day routine. This is not only inspiring, but is exceptional. IAP WORLDWIDE affiliates must:
Practice Intellectual Curiosity and Rigor
Act with Integrity and Humility
Provide Inspirational leadership and followership, enabled by empathy
Act nicely, responsibly and swiftly
Act with resolve, adapting to and embracing change
Allow ourselves and others to be happy and successful
Pursue growth and learning
Partner with colleagues, customers, and community for our mutual success

If that alone does not get your corporate and competitive on, quality & excellence minded juices flowing, my friend, then I do not honestly know what else on God’s good, green old earth will. Yet there is hope. For with the mere knowledge of the purpose and existence of this wonderful company body, you have many a good thing to keep you pondering for more.

How Does Kenneth Goodgame Make True Value Look Great?

The True Value names conjures a lot of images that people remember from their youth. They remember going into these stores to find the things they needed, and they remember how easy it was to shop there because the stores were merchandised in a simple manner.

It is that old hardware store feel that Kenneth Goodgame wants to keep alive, and he is trying to make sure that the company still has that look when he has new customers come in. He has done a lot of work to be sure that people will get the results they need, and he wants them to feel comfortable once they pass through the door. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

The people that come into these stores are having an experience that Kenneth Goodgame put together for them, and he has made sure that all the stores look the same. It is a nice piece of consistency that people are loving when they are shopping, and it makes them want to come back to True Value in the future.

It is also a place where they can bring their kids because it is such a nice place for them to visit. It gives them a chance to feel like they are going back in time, and they can still buy the modern things they need.

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing and merchandising guru who has proven that he company is the only one that can offer this experience. He wants to be sure that all the people who are coming to see his stores get that same warm feeling when they come in, and he wants to keep that up with the modern tools they need to buy.

He is able to make the True Value name mean something beyond what people are used to, and he has succeeded in changing their image.

The Success Of Strategic Merchandising Expert, Kenneth Goodgame.

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing guru who commands respects in all companies that he works in. His success reputation has earned him the title of merchandising expert. He has vast experience in the retail industry having worked in different companies in different positions. The University of Tennessee alumni graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Goodgame worked at The Home Depot from 1994 to 2002 where he served at various levels. As the Hardlines D28 product merchant, he was responsible for pricing, general management, purchasing and line reviews. He managed store-opening tasks for more than 200 new stores. While serving as the director proprietary brands, he negotiated with John Deere to manufacture and sell consumer tractors and mowers.

Kenneth also led the launch of RIDGID brand product and created growth in sales for vacuum. He led brand management for Husky and Workforce lines and launched 20 Husky Air Tool program. As the company’s senior global product merchant, he launched the largest product line and increased the sales of Toro branded snow equipment.

According to Bloomberg, in the years 2002-2007, Kenneth Goodgame worked at Newell Rubbermaid. He served as the senior vice president marketing, sales and president and general manager Footprint and Rubbermaid Cleaning. He led the company in launching several product lines, new product development, sales and marketing strategy and also secured contracts with Wal-Mart. Goodgame joined Techtronic Industries North America in 2008 till 2010.

Kenneth Goodgame was the president, Baja Motorsports and Direct Tool Factory Outlets and delivered major profits. The merchandising expert improved working capital, reduced costs of goods and removed unproductive parts thus adding the net sales. In the two years he worked at the company, he opened over 28 stores.

Since 2010 to 2013 Goodgame served as the general merchandising manager at ACE Hardware. He was responsible for 80% of corporate strategy and led the growth in sales of hand tool category. The strategic retail expert created a world-class merchandising test facility and a great retail success. Currently, he is the chief merchandising officer and the senior vice president of True Value Company.

He is responsible for global sourcing, private label, pricing, print advert, marketing and merchandising. He has created a high-energy team culture that has product expertise. He has overseen improvement in customer count and also created a new end cap program.

Betting on college football is about more than just luck

Professional sports betting is like the game of blackjack. It has always possessed a sort of mysterious allure because unlike most of the games in the house, even unskilled players know that there are a few talented pros who can beat the odds and become long term winners. In the case of blackjack, many people are amazed to discover that beating the game itself is not all that difficult. A simple plus/minus count system is generally all it takes to get an edge in good games. The blackjack pro’s hardest job is to get the casino to let them keep playing.

Professional sports bettors run into this same problem, although to a lesser degree. Most sportsbooks will tolerate winners as long as they don’t win too much. This is true with college football as well as all other sports. However unlike blackjack, professional sports betting is not a matter of learning a simple system and memorizing a few charts. The best sports bettors, like Billy Walters and Teddy Covers, employ cutting edge statistical tools and software for mass data mining as well as decades of personal experience.

NCAAF odds in particular is a great area to start focusing on for new sports bettors. Division I alone has 252 football teams. With games running almost every day during the season, a bettor can almost always find a game on which to bet. Maybe most importantly, such a plethora of games running all the time makes it much more likely that on any given day you’ll find an inaccurate point spread.

There’s no easy way to become a professional level sports bettor but there are clear roads to get there if one is willing to put in the work. A great place to find both spreads and fixed odds as well as insightful analysis and tips on honing one’s handicapping skills is is the site started by Teddy “Covers” Servansky. It has up to date info on all college football spreads across every major sportsbooks, and many smaller ones too. Founded in 1995 by one of the world’s foremost handicappers, is a great source for accurate sports betting information. Staffed around the clock, they provided updates spreads, odds and lines for every NCAA football game and most other sports events as well. is a trusted source for stats, articles, and other info for serious sports bettors as well as industry news.

The best thing someone new to NCAA football betting can do is to start reading as much as possible on the subject. is a great place to start.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is many things including an American entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a father, as well as a father who is a dedicated individual towards helping the world not only be informed, but also find new solutions to world’s most pressing issues such as health care. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey to a family that taught him traditional values that he has kept close to heart throughout his career and throughout his success as an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier is known for his intelligence and for his dedication to not only learning, but also through teaching individuals about new information as well as ways to gain more information. As a father, Eric Pulier is not only looking to make the future a better and brighter place for his children, but is also looking to make the world a better place for all of humanity into the future.

As early as the fourth grade, Eric Pulier began programming computers as a hobby which later grew into a passion as well as a career. Eric Pulier often feels lucky about his job due to the fact that it often feels as though he does not have a job. In present day, Eric Pulier is the co-founder, founder, as well as consultant to over 15 successful companies around the world and advises each of these companies on how to improve while helping others improve as well. Eric Pulier always looks to the future and looks to how individuals would be affected by the decision he makes.

As an early scholar as well as a successful entrepreneur, Eric Pulier is often sought after by both the private sector as well as by the public sector for his knowledge as well as for his big name. In 1999, Eric Pulier was requested to not only create, but also execute an exhibition in Washington D.C. that would showcase the future of technology in the 21st century. This exhibition was just the beginning for Eric Pulier as he continues to find new and creative ways to help others around the world with the help of his knowledge.

For more information please visit

Helane Morrison And Ethics

One thing that Helane Morrison is very passionate about making sure everything is working as they should be between the customers and the institutions. For one thing, if the customers find themselves to be victims of a breach in ethics, then that could ruin the industry for them. However, without regulations, institutions are going to step over the line. After all, it is very easy to step over lines that one doesn’t know about. This is why Helane Morrison is around. She works as a compliance officer to remind the institutions that there are boundaries. It is important for them to keep within the boundaries so that they can keep things moving.


Helane Morrison is also very effective. One of the reasons that she is very effective is that she has gotten some of the best education available to her. She has also taken the time to get as much mentoring as she can from different sources. Among the people that have given her some of the best mentoring is Harry A Blackmun. Helane has not only made sure that she has learned a lot about the industry she is working in, but she has also prepared herself for a lot of opposition because people tend to want to fight for their ability to cheat.


One thing that helps Helane Morrison push through the obstacles is that she is willing to look through the eyes of the customer. She has used this to help her rise into leadership roles in law firms. For one thing, the compliance industry was always a male dominated area. However, she has managed to rise above the ranks because she is one passionate person when it comes to ethics and making sure that the institutions are being run in a way that is beneficial to everyone.


Cotemar: The Backbone of the Mexican Oil Industry

Headquarted in Ciudad del Carmen on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Cotemar is an indispensable part of the Mexican oil industry. A full-service provider for Pemex, the Mexican national oil company, as well as other companies, for 37 years, they has been associated with Pemex and supported its operations in the Campeche Sound. Cotemar has helped oil producers extract and transport oil and provided a variety of construction, maintenance, and workforce support services. They are also suppliers of specialized transport vessels and semi-submersible rigs.

Cotemar’s specialized vehicles are essential to all aspects of the extraction process. In addition to transport vessels that move oil and other materials, they also boast an extensive fleet of tow vessels and barges. They likewise assist in transporting staff and in the provision of emergency services in situations such as fires or spills. Cotemar, however, is best-known for its semi-submersible drilling rigs. These large platforms are similar in appearance to a pontoon. They can be towed from place to place and once in position are deployed onto the ocean floor.

The company is heavily involved in maintaining and rehabilitating off-shore rigs and processing facilities for PEMEX. Cotemar helps with all operational facets from prefabricating and assembly to service lines and operations. This is made possible by Cotemar’s state-of-the-art communications capabilities and professional staff trained in design, construction, and rehabilitation. See:

Cotemar takes their social responsibility extremely seriously and uses the latest safety technology to minimize any impact on the environment from its activities. They recently announced a new partnership with Recicla Electrónicos México, a firm specializing in the disposal of discarded electronics, as a part of its commitment to the environment. Cotemar is committed to always using the latest technology in all of its operations, environmental safeguards, and design services in order to provide the highest quality of service.

David Osio Impacts the World

David Osio is someone who has done a lot of good for people around the world. He is passionate about helping people get out of their current situation in life. There are a lot of people who want to get educated and start working in a new career. However, this can be difficult based on your circumstances or your current location. In addition, there are a lot of countries that simply do not have educational options for people without a lot of money. This is something that David Osio has been working to fix. Over the long term, these investments will end up helping people around the world grow in their career. Not only will this help them afford the basic needs, but it will also reduce crime around the world.

David Osio

From the time he was young, David Osio has always wanted to help people. There are a lot of people who have the heart to help others, but few people have what it takes to do so. David Osio has had a lot of success in business, and now he is able to donate a lot of his time and money to things he is really passionate about. He is helping a lot of colleges across the world with their finances to help get more students in. In addition, he is helping students who could not afford to go to college any other way. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, education is often the best way to do this. However, so few people have access to the best education, and that prevents a lot of people from getting ahead.

Financial Help

One of the biggest ways that David Osio helps others is through financial advice. There are a lot of people who lack in the area of financial knowledge. This ends up impacting other areas of their life as well. If you want to start helping other people, it is important to get them to understand their personal finances. This is something that David Osio has been doing for years, and he has his entire business around financial planning. Instead of just concentrating on investments or debt, he focuses his firm on how he can help others. This is one of the biggest ways in which he makes an impact in the world today.

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