New CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor To Lead Sussex Healthcare In Delivery Of Care Giving Services

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare delivery services that was established in 1985. The company has 20 homes where they provide healthcare to people who live with various challenges which challenge their ability to lead a normal life. The groups of people who come to this facility for health services are mainly the elderly who normally suffer from Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia. These are people who cannot live on their own. They need to live in homes where they can get good care and enable them live a good life in their final days. Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing them with an environment that will make them enjoy and live a comfortable life on their last days.

Sussex Healthcare offers more than just care for the elderly. They also offer services to people who may be suffering from learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical challenges as well as mental challenges. Sussex has put in place a platform that will enable them to live a good life and support their ability to overcome some of the challenges they go through. Sussex Healthcare has programs that will enable people with developmental challenges to overcome them. There are nutritional programs that they are taken through which can finally lead to good progress in growth.


Sussex Healthcare has been providing good services to their clients, and that is why they have remained a favorite healthcare company for many people in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare has invested in putting up structures that will make everyone feel comfortable. They have built homes which give every person in the society an opportunity to enjoy a good life. The homes are built in cool environments where there is no interference from the outside world. The company has also invested in installing equipment needed to deal with the challenges that the patients are going through. In Sussex facility, they have a new gym that has modern equipment for the elderly. Senior people who are losing their mobility can go to the gym and do some exercises that will restore their abilities.

Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing the best services to the people. In this regard, they have appointed a new CEO who will ensure that the company continues performing well. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has been appointed to fill the position of the CEO because of the experience which she has in the health and social industry. She has been in the industry for about 30 years in which she has worked with various organizations. She has a reputation for molding each company she has been to and making them great service delivery companies.

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