Mikhail Blagosklonny: Researching into the Future

“Oncotarget’s Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny reveals Rapamycin’s Incredible Healing Properties” on Phillpurge.com is a wonderful summation of some of the benefits present with this new wonder drug. Rapamycin has been making waves in the pharmaceutical world since its original discovering in 1972. Even though the drug was found in samples of bacterium from Easter Island, its small beginnings are not indicative of its overall potential contribution to the world of science. Dr. Blagosklonny is convinced that this drug might be the key to treating different types of cancers and aid in developing medicines to ease aging. For Dr. Blagosklonny, it seems the benefits of Rapamycin have only just begun to show themselves. Read more about Mikhail on Crunchbase.

When Rapamycin was first discovered it was used as an anti-fungal agent. After some time, scientist discovered that it was also very helpful in suppressing the immune system without compromising kidney function as significantly as other drugs, this made it ideal for working with patients who had received organ transplants. Today, Rapamycin is a primary treatment protocol in organ transplant recipients because of this quality.

Doctors and scientist are particularly interested in this quality because of the treatment options it can open for individuals with hemolytic-uremic syndrome. This syndrome causes kidney failure, but transplants would have been a poor treatment option because the medications would cause a cyclical reaction. Rapamycin may be a way for people with hemolytic-uremic syndrome to get quality treatment options. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar.

In addition to the immunosuppressive qualities of Rapamycin, it has also shown some antiproliferative ones. This means that the drug will hamper the development of malignant cells and their growth to other organs within the human body. Rapamycin has an amazing potential when it comes to cancer research. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has also taken note of the effects that the drug has had on aging, longevity, and an organism’s ability to survive certain illnesses. This has a lot of implications for cancer treatment in the future.

It is Dr. Blagosklonny’s hope that his work with Rapamycin will inspire others to take up his cause. In a recent article on healingmagic.net, he explains that he believes in a future where everyone has equal access to this life-saving medication. He has worked tirelessly to make sure that the pathway will be clear for these future scientists.

Dr. Blagosklonny explains that the tricky part for doctors will be figuring out how to treat cancer and other ailments without skyrocketing the cost. While it is his intent that he can help cure cancer, he does not want it to become a luxury that only the very rich can afford. Until that day, Dr. Blagosklonny will continue to look toward the future and hone his research.

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