EOS Lip Balms Brings Reason To Smile Again

The story is out on EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Lip Balm and the votes are in, just look at any music video on Facebook or YouTube featuring a pop diva and you’ll see for yourself that everyone is in love with these spectacular pastel orbs filled with the best tasting lip balm that you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. With the help of these affordable balls of joy that bring life back in your smile women all over are being given the chance to start off their days with a refreshing twist instead of the boring bled of clinical smell and medicinal taste that used to plague the drug store shelves as the only lip care option before Craig Dubitsky came up with the revolutionary idea to make a new chapped lips savior that could add to the list of beauty supplies that were quickly becoming beacons of light in a world of boring, filled with personality, glitter, and magic that made them more than just cosmetics and skin and hair care products, but vessels that toted their own personal iconography to define the wearer by. Including features like the witty smooth plastic design that makes Easter feel as though it is officially all year round thanks to the egg shape and pastel colors all the way through to the delicious tastes that make that impromptu valentine’s make out session feel all the more passionate and sweet with flavors like Target’s Sumer Fruit, Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew that tickle your taste buds and make you want to bite your lips in pleasure, EOS Lip Balms are a stellar representation of fresh intervention that took over an otherwise boring field. We used to just have Chapsticks and Blistex and the funky smell made people frown, but with EOS Lip Balms the world is all smiles.

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