Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Technology Takes Email Marketing To New Heights

With the rise of instant methods of face-to-face communications like video conferencing, email marketing is now seen as being less effective and efficient. But Talk Fusion is now using their WebRTC technology to turbocharge email marketing and give people new and better ways to use their email accounts to communicate. With its WebRTC driven video email, Talk Fusion is making the future of email communication available to people today. The company’s WebRTC browser-based video calling app makes it possible to use their video email messaging service to do direct marketing.


Using Talk Fusion’s WebRTC powered video email, its possible to send videos to countless devices and have them viewed by simply accessing any email account. The company’s video email technology can be used for group video meetings, video forms and newsletters and video calling. The technology is linked to Talk Fusion’s multi-level marketing program. Through it, paying clients can generate sales and earn commissions using the app. With WebRTC, individuals and businesses do not need to have the app to get and view the video emails and newsletters. The video emails can be viewed on any web browser. Plus, without any plugins or downloads they can be used to host live video calls.


With WebRTC technology the browser owners use common codes that allow the public to interface with their background programming. The built-in audio and video capabilities of the browsers is used by Talk Fusion to run their video calling as well as other multimedia applications. People can watch video email when it lands in their in-box and ,through the power of WebRTC technology, use a direct video portal to talk to whoever sent the video email. People that know how to use JavaScript can set up a WebRTC portal and add a ‘call now’ link within the text of their video email message or they can use professional WebRTC apps like Appear and Talky for free.┬áLearn more:

Former Florida police officer Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007. The Brandon, Florida based company provides people with the technology they need for broadcasting, video conferencing and social networking. Talk Fusion uses their patent-pending, proprietary, video technology to help companies resolve their video marketing problems and challenges and grow. In more than 140 countries around the world independent Talk Fusion marketing associates give people access to the company’s innovative products. With WebRTC enabled video email, Talk Fusion is transforming email marketing.