Investing in Smart Home

Todd Lubar is a real estate investor and business owner. He has built a great portfolio of real estate investments during his career. Despite all of the economic issues during this time, he has made money and had fun doing it.

One of the things that separates Todd Lubar from others is his risk tolerance. He invests in properties that many people feel are too risky. In the coming years, he is going to continue investing and building his portfolio. With some of the changes that are taking place in the industry, he sees many opportunities in the years ahead. He is a strong proponent of the smart home movement.

Saving Money

Smart homes are a great way for homeowners to save money over time. Although they cost more in the beginning, these smart homes will use less electricity and other resources. According to, this is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment.

Todd Lubar is investing in many new smart homes in his area. With the hot real estate market, he strongly believes that this is a great time to buy. Anyone who wants to learn more about real estate investing should follow the work of Todd. He produces a lot of online content around smart homes and investing in real estate.

Future Changes

In the years ahead, Todd Lubar wants to continue investing in real estate. He is making a lot of money every month from his investments. This gives him a large amount of capital to invest with.

Smart homes are the newest trend in the real estate industry. Although smart homes are more expensive, they are a great way to improve the local environment. Todd Lubar believes that business leaders should use their influence to improve the world around them as much as possible.


The Secret Success Story of EOS Revealed in Exclusive Interview with Fast Company

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, have previously kept quiet about their business strategies and techniques for success, but in this exclusive interview with Fast Company, EOS reveals details about their success story.

Keeping quiet was a deliberate move on the company’s part, explains Sanjiv Mehra, EOS lip balm cofounder and managing partner, in the interview. But as the company grows, the founders feel it’s important for their consumers to know more about them and who they are.

And surely people are curious about the unique lip balms that are in and of themselves somewhat mysterious. The unique orb shape coupled with a distinctive lack of markings adds an aura of mystique – which is, in part, an aspect of the company’s business strategy.

The founders knew succeeding in the lip balm market would require a distinct and unique product that would stand out among the many standard tubes without being a passing fad or even worse, a cheap gimmick.

More than one factor went into the design decision, however. From a necessity to engage all five senses to a targeted demographic, every aspect was carefully chosen to create a beautiful and stand-out lip balm.

Another crucial angle to EOS’ success can be found in their target demographic: millennial women. Women purchase and use the most lip balm, and yet, the majority of brands available on the market don’t target their products at women, opting instead for a more unisex feel.

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And so EOS claimed their demographic and set about making connections with their potential customers through Facebook and other social media sites, blogs, and more.

Their hard work has paid off. EOS is now the second best-selling lip balm on eBay, just behind Burt’s Bees, and sells one million units per week.

To learn more about EOS and how they found success in a crowded market, read more here.


The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is many things including an American entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a father, as well as a father who is a dedicated individual towards helping the world not only be informed, but also find new solutions to world’s most pressing issues such as health care. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey to a family that taught him traditional values that he has kept close to heart throughout his career and throughout his success as an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier is known for his intelligence and for his dedication to not only learning, but also through teaching individuals about new information as well as ways to gain more information. As a father, Eric Pulier is not only looking to make the future a better and brighter place for his children, but is also looking to make the world a better place for all of humanity into the future.

As early as the fourth grade, Eric Pulier began programming computers as a hobby which later grew into a passion as well as a career. Eric Pulier often feels lucky about his job due to the fact that it often feels as though he does not have a job. In present day, Eric Pulier is the co-founder, founder, as well as consultant to over 15 successful companies around the world and advises each of these companies on how to improve while helping others improve as well. Eric Pulier always looks to the future and looks to how individuals would be affected by the decision he makes.

As an early scholar as well as a successful entrepreneur, Eric Pulier is often sought after by both the private sector as well as by the public sector for his knowledge as well as for his big name. In 1999, Eric Pulier was requested to not only create, but also execute an exhibition in Washington D.C. that would showcase the future of technology in the 21st century. This exhibition was just the beginning for Eric Pulier as he continues to find new and creative ways to help others around the world with the help of his knowledge.

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