Waiakea Water Makes Way for Relief

Although we live in a world that is more than 70 percent water, there are many men, women and children who have to make a way through life without access to it. To be more precise, they do not  live without water, so much as they have to live without enough clean water for their community. The fact of the matter is that certain people live with unsanitary water, which results in higher mortality and child-mortality rates compared to other nations.

These numbers can be shocking, especially when particular aspects about them are put under the proper light. One thing to consider, when it comes to the lack of access that a number of the world’s population has to water, is the area in which this population lives. Sadly, many of the hottest places on planet earth are where the global community sees the most need for relief and reform of infrastructure to the systems and the citizens they serve.

Countries along the equator, on the continent of Africa, are where organized aid is most needed. The use of water in these areas is incredibly low when compared to that of the average American citizen. And, that is exactly why Waiakea is proud to be part of the PumpAid Beyond Water program. This project does more than bring cool and clean refreshment to the mouths of hundreds of thousands of people. It brings relief to their future.

This happens through the “give a man a fish” model, and it has a simple bottom line to follow. For every bottle of Waiakea water sold, the company supplies one week of clean well water to a community in need. But the project does not just pay to have water running. The engineers and program works who make things happen collaborate with members of communities to make sustainable solutions.

The way it works is simple and genius at the same time. When PumpAid Beyond Water comes to a location, they do not just build water pumps, they work with the people of the community to make sure they know the steps to build pumps for themselves. Along with this knowledge, Waiakea makes sure that the people they show how to build constructs also know how to teach others to do the same thing.

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