Cotemar: The Backbone of the Mexican Oil Industry

Headquarted in Ciudad del Carmen on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Cotemar is an indispensable part of the Mexican oil industry. A full-service provider for Pemex, the Mexican national oil company, as well as other companies, for 37 years, they has been associated with Pemex and supported its operations in the Campeche Sound. Cotemar has helped oil producers extract and transport oil and provided a variety of construction, maintenance, and workforce support services. They are also suppliers of specialized transport vessels and semi-submersible rigs.

Cotemar’s specialized vehicles are essential to all aspects of the extraction process. In addition to transport vessels that move oil and other materials, they also boast an extensive fleet of tow vessels and barges. They likewise assist in transporting staff and in the provision of emergency services in situations such as fires or spills. Cotemar, however, is best-known for its semi-submersible drilling rigs. These large platforms are similar in appearance to a pontoon. They can be towed from place to place and once in position are deployed onto the ocean floor.

The company is heavily involved in maintaining and rehabilitating off-shore rigs and processing facilities for PEMEX. Cotemar helps with all operational facets from prefabricating and assembly to service lines and operations. This is made possible by Cotemar’s state-of-the-art communications capabilities and professional staff trained in design, construction, and rehabilitation. See:

Cotemar takes their social responsibility extremely seriously and uses the latest safety technology to minimize any impact on the environment from its activities. They recently announced a new partnership with Recicla Electrónicos México, a firm specializing in the disposal of discarded electronics, as a part of its commitment to the environment. Cotemar is committed to always using the latest technology in all of its operations, environmental safeguards, and design services in order to provide the highest quality of service.