USHealth Advisors Inspires HOPE

Randy Hildebrandt was like most people who have tried different jobs in the search of career where he felt fully inspired and fulfilled. He had to deal with injury and failure before he finally found the path that resonated with him. His story has the power to positively impact others to keep going after what you want out of life.

Randy was born and raised in Texas with the hopes of becoming a professional baseball player like Nolan Ryan. He played the sport he loved all throughout high school but eventually had to give it up due to an injury to the shoulder. He went on to  college where he majored in economics and business and searched for a job he could love. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

Randy found that his chosen profession just wasn’t the right fit for what he wanted out of life. After some searching, he accepted a position selling insurance. Although he had never done this type of work before, Randy was determined to give it a shot. This optimistic attitude was just what he need to catapult him to a successful career with USHealth Group.

Randy was chosen to be the Satellite Division Leader in their USHealth Advisors division. With this role, Randy was able to help with their mission of HOPE. HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday and this is what Randy found made all the difference in his life by bringing him true happiness.

HOPE works with other organizations who are also in alignment with their vision for making a difference. Their amazing work includes donated food and water to those in need such as survivors of the devastating storm, Hurricane Katrina. In addition, HOPE also donates brand new clothes and shoes to children’s homes in the United States.

Randy Hildebrandt and his family of four take pride in the work that his company does for people everywhere and encourage others to find what makes them happy. Be sure to take a look at how you can positively impact the world by helping those in need and make a difference in your community today! Learn more:


Tips for Taking Out a Life Insurance Policy

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USHealthGroup , Creating Success Stories

Mark Brodinsky, an employee of USHealth Advisors has been telling beautiful success stories that cannot be found on Facebook. USHealth Advisors is the parent company of USHealth Group. Mark Brodinsky is the perfect person to share these success stories because he is a great man of faith. He is a person who believes that everyone is their own miracle. Mark believes that it is easy to find your destiny as long as you keep faith and work hard towards your goals.

USHealth Group and the USHealth Advisors both have a mission to help others. The President and CEO of USHealth Advisors, Troy McQuagge, started a mission named HOPE several years ago. This mission is dedicated to helping people who live throughout the entire nation. Over the years these two companies have committed themselves to going above and beyond to doing kind acts. The companies have helped to build homes after Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and the companies have also helped the parents of cancer patients. USHealth Group has spoken publicly on several occasions to inform the public that giving back is a way of life for them and they won’t ever stop.

The most recent employee to join the USHealth Advisors team is Randy Hildebrandt. Before Randy joined USHealth Advisors he had a hard time finding his way through life and just finding exactly what he wanted to do with his career. Randy started out thinking he wanted to work as a baseball player; however, that did not work out because Randy had soon developed a shoulder injury. Afterward, Randy found himself working as a bartender while he was saving money in college. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

After Randy graduated he soon started working at an insurance company. The insurance company that he was working for for several hours away from his home and he just felt like he was working a job with no purpose. After Randy had a conversation with Troy McQuagge, he decided to join their team. Randy is extremely happy with his new position with the company. He is now happily married and he is also a father now. Learn more:


USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Decades Of Award-Winning Service And Quality Products

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a Fort Worth, Texas based company that underwrites and sells health insurance plans as well as supplemental products for individuals and small business owners through its agents and subsidiaries. The products offered by USHEALTH Group include individual health insurance, dental insurance, fixed indemnity medical insurance, critical illness coverage, income and accident protection solutions, specific illness protection as well as convertible and renewable term life policies for clients in the United States.

Founded in 1982 as Ascent Assurance, in 2005 the company rebranded itself as USHEALTH Group, Inc. The name has changed, but the company’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive coverage possible hasn’t. Their family of companies have developed a reputation for offering access to a full portfolio of innovative health coverage plans that are tailored to their customer’s specific needs. The insurance plans they offer are secure, flexible and affordable. The licensed health and life insurance companies that make up the USHEALTH Group, Inc. includes USHEALTH Advisors. Their mission is Helping Other People Everyday or HOPE. It’s an organizational commitment to making people’s lives better that they work towards on a daily basis. View USHealth Group page at   

The company’s independently contracted agents have the vision and understand the needs of their clients and their mission is to create policies that address those needs. The hallmark of their products is reliability and affordability. They cover people’s medical expenses and help them plan for their financial future. When people choose the USHEALTH Group they can depend on their decades of experience, innovation and industry know-how to provide policies that gives them the coverage they need. This gives their 15 million customers peace of mind knowing no matter what accident or health problem they have they are covered.

The USHEALTH Group makes it easy for their members to get the coverage information they need. With the click of a mouse they find out about their coverage, health and wellness benefits, treatment, cost estimates, RX, pharmacy services and more. This company offers an unparalleled combination of coverage plans. They include:

Essential Health Benefit

Secure Advantage




Life Protector


Accident Protector

Income Protector

PPO Networks

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. is recognized year after year for the quality of their services, the way they conduct business and their leadership. They have won numerous coveted prestigious awards for excellence in business and customer service. That type of success is no accident. It’s the result of a commitment to providing the most effective, innovative, affordable policies and has earned the trust and respect of their customers. The USHEALTH Group consistently delivers for their clients. They are known for the dependability and security of their unique tailored coverage approach that leads to unequaled customer satisfaction.

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Troy McQuagge A True Professional

There are many people who shoot for the stars to succeed in this life, but no ones ambition scratches the floor with that of CEO & President of USHEALTH Group Troy McQuagge. Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH, a successful insurance company that is based in Ft. Worth, Texas focused on providing health coverage for individuals and small businesses. Born and bred in Panama City, Florida, Troy attended the University of Central Florida where he completed his undergraduate studies.

Troy started off his financial career at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983, then held a significant role at the department of the United Insurance Companies (UICI) in 1995, in 1997, McQuagge was named the president of the United Insurance Company’s Agency, UGA, then, in the same year, he was hired on at Health Markets Group (HM) where he was responsible for being the manager of all sales and overseeing the development of marketing efforts and strategies. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

Troy was such a brilliant businessman that he was able to exceed $1 billion in yearly premium sales volumes while being President of Health Markets Group. Because of this feat, Health Markets Group won the Sales Organization of the Year prize. Troy McQuagge’s historic run at HM came to an end In the year 2010, however, when he stepped down as president of (HM) Health Markets Group and joined USHEALTH Group where he was elected as the company’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

The company was so impressed with Troy’s brilliant business skills that they offered him yet another promotion. In 2014, McQuagge was promoted to CEO and president of USHEALTH Group. Since joining the company, USHEALTH Group has seen record numbers in sales and other areas of the company. And they owe it all to Troy McQuagge who is an awesome CEO and businessman. Learn more: