What OSI Industries’ Specific Capabilities Are

OSI Industries has built a large network of food processing centers and supply chains over the years to become one of the world’s largest meat wholesale companies. While meat specifically was where they began in the industry, they’ve moved into inclusion of baked goods, vegetable dishes and some dips and soups. OSI Industries not only has elaborate processing equipment in their plants, but they also have advanced research and development teams that specifically work on crafting new products, researching the health and nutritional information on products and also help cut the costs of production. OSI Industries has come a long way from its humble beginnings to have all the advanced food engineering technology it has today.

OSI Industries was once a company known as Otto & Sons which was named for its original founder Otto Kolschowsky, a butcher in Chicago. He opened the original butcher shop in 1909 and after saving up enough money opened a local factory. That factory became the base of Otto & Sons which stayed in the family all the way to the 1950s. The products put out by Otto & Sons specifically attracted McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc who specifically asked Otto & Sons to become the restaurant chain’s first meat supplier. Now poised for a chance to grow big, Otto & Sons brought financial expert Sheldon Lavin to the company and under his guidance, he helped the company get financing to open more plants and grow with their McDonald’s partner. Eventually Lavin took over as CEO and began investing in processing plants and logistics centers in Europe and Asia, and with its international push the company became known as OSI Industries.

Among the priorities OSI Industries has made part of their agenda, employee safety and well-being has been at the top. Lavin and company President David McDonald have stated they like to run the company more on a ground level approach where everyone can have a say and express both positive comments or concerns about their workplace, and they take whatever steps they need to to make it better. But positivity certainly has shown in what employees have said about the company, and many of them find the culture to be quite rewarding that they end up staying even longer than they originally thought they would. And with both physical and environmental safety being no easy feat to maintain in meat processing, OSI Industries’ few accidents and overall enforcement of safety procedures led to them receiving the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour award in 2016.

The Food Industry With OSI Group

As a globally acclaimed, private owned food enterprise, the OSI Group has been providing food service for the last six decades. The OSI Groups has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The firm always bases all its food products on value-added proteins, which are generally supplied to established food service and retail brands. The firm utilizes 60 processing plants to handle its food products in various 16 countries. OSI group features an exclusively unique organizational structure, which makes it stand out from the rest of food companies in the sector. OSI Group is governed by rules and strategies, which dictate responsibility levels and budgetary limits.

According to Sheldon Lavin, the company’s Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, OSI Group leverages a fully established culture that is inherent in how it is operated. Per se, the profound culture enables the team of experts at the OSI Group to foster the firm’s mission efficiently and reliably. Since its inception, the OSI Group has remained steadfast with a huge commitment to its broad range clientele. The firm began offering its meat products to its Chicago customers in 1909, and since then, it has continuously been upgrading its service delivery charter to be all encompassing.

Additionally, the OSI Group has been receiving global recognition and high ranking from various established global brands for its excellent food services and products in the industry. The OSI Group, LLC features an extensive local and global client base, which has been key to its excellent growth and success. The firm also boasts of various collaborations and partnerships with international firms offering serves in the locality. With such deeply set partnerships, OSI Group is efficiently able to comprehend the need of its clients and establish personalized solutions to these requirements. OSI Group, noticeably, seta and align its company values with the vital and core sustainability principles Within employess.

OSI Group LLC has adopted a sustainability strategy, which exclusively features economic responsibility, corporate social responsibility as well as environmental responsibility. These aspects enable the firm to manage its operations with both economic and environmental considerations effectively. As among its expansion plans, the OSI Group has continued to make strategic acquisitions in the market. In 2016, the firm acquired Baho Food. According to the company’s management, the acquisition would help the firm in advancing its product portfolio in the European marketplace. Baho Food is a Dutch company, and it manufactures a variety of meat products for sale to both retail and foodservice brands. The firm also has processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands, which has been operating for over 60 years.