Brown Modeling Agency: 21st Century Modeling At Its Finest

The modeling industry is one of the most fascinating and exciting industries on earth. You’ll find some of the most attractive physical specimens within this exclusive line of work, but there’s more to modeling than just a pretty face. One of the top up-and-coming agencies in the country is Brown Modeling Agency, and it is setting new trends at an extremely fast rate. This agency is actually a conglomerate of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. The combination of the two agencies has created plenty of success because the talent is very diverse. Brown Modeling is a full-service talent agency that works across a large field of subjects. These subjects include fashion, runway, industrial video, print, catalog, voiceover, tradeshows, conventions, corporate events and many more.

Austin, Texas, just so happens to be the home of Brown Modeling Agency, but this company has satellite offices in Dallas, Texas. The talent here is very good as many of the individuals have worked for high-profile names like Dodge Ram, TNT Network, HBO, Louis Vuitton, Landshark Beer, Bing, Bright House and more. The agency has also been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to this success and there’s a lot of development that goes on behind the scenes, which prepares the talent in a professional way. Justin Brown, founder of Brown Modeling Agency, has been in the business for many years. The guy was an actual model back in the day, and he has worked behind the scenes by acclimating the models to this exclusive field of work. “We are only as good as our talent,” said Justin.

On the other hand, Brown Modeling Agency has laid a fine blueprint for other smaller-market agencies to follow. This specific agency has a great network of contacts across the country, and it has provided talent for Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week. The sky is truly the limit for this company. Thanks to its ability to bring in fresh new talent on a regular basis, the agency will continue to grow in a dramatic way. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency is changing the industry for the better. For more info, visit the Brown Agency Instagram page.

Fabletics Has Strong Brand Awareness Campaign in Place

Kate Hudson is making a name for herself with Fabletics, and her consumers are paying attention to what she is doing. There are more new stores that are on the way to be opened soon, and this is what is started a buzz about Fabletics. People are finding out what this company is about, and they are becoming excited about this energetic brand of athletic clothing that speaks to a young and middle-aged generation of consumers.

There’s one thing that customers can rest assured of when they take a look at Fabletics. They know that Kate Hudson is someone that is passionate about her brand, and they know that she is also interested in delivering quality. These are things that people look for when they take a look at Fabletics. They want a chance to know that they are working out in clothing that is not going to shrink after the first or second wash. They want to have clothing in place that is going to be comfortable when they are working out for long periods of time.


Kate Hudson is able to move Fabletics in his way because she is someone that knows athletic clothing. She was already working on her own clothing company before Fabletics came into existence. It was her connection with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg that allowed her to pursue this dream of being a co-founder of Fabletics.


It is true that Don and Adam had their own experience and their formulas in place for a business model for Fabletics. This was definitely a crucial part of the creation of this company. The real connection that Kate plays with this company is her role as a woman that can go forth and actually sell clothes to other women. That is something that Don and Adam have been doing for years, but in their previous experience they knew that they have always sold clothes better with women in a leadership position.


This is why they were interested in getting Kate Hudson in place. They comprehended how she would be able to take this company to a level that they couldn’t take it to as men. They knew she would have the ability to market this company in a way that could not because they were men. They knew that selling clothes exclusively to women would be something that a woman would be best at doing. This is why Kate has been so vital to the success of Fabletics. This is also the reason that she is the first thing that people see when they go to the Fabletics website.


This is a wonderful trio that has been able to work together and realize how each partner contributes to the growth of Fabletics. The fact that they are all recognizing the talents that one another have for building brand awareness makes them a great team. Fabletics is going to grow even more in the next coming years because there is an abundant amount of change occurring.

The Power Of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

In a world where online retail is forcing physical stores everywhere to close their doors for good, Kate Hudson has found a way to use brick-and-mortar shops to her brand’s advantage. Fabletics, Hudson’s workout clothing brand that was launched as an online store in 2013, is currently worth over $150 million as the result of Hudson’s strong business instincts. The brand, which uses a unique subscription service business model, sells cute and stylish athletic apparel items for women who take their workout wardrobes seriously.


Kate Hudson, known for her work as an actress over the last couple of decades, launched her business less than five years ago and has already developed a reputation for being a bold and fearless businesswoman. As an avid workout enthusiast herself, Hudson had already had millions of followers on social media. When she initially launched the Fabletics brand, it was her star power that drove traffic to the brand’s website. Now, it’s her brilliant business strategies that are pushing Fabletics to the very top of the athletic apparel industry.

Fabletics follows the typical e-commerce model, allowing people to browse through categorized items and select the ones that they want by adding them to a shopping cart that’s integrated into the website. However, there’s another way to experience Fabletics that has made the company stand out. On the website, customers can become VIP members by subscribing to receive monthly workout outfits that are mailed to them. For just $49.95 per month, subscribers can choose from a variety of workout outfits selected just for them by Fabletics based on a lifestyle quiz that they fill out upon subscribing. If you haven’t yet, visit to fill out the lifestyle quiz and find out what Fabletics has in store for you.

Most Fabletics customers quickly join the VIP membership program thanks to the value that it offers. By paying a flat monthly fee, each item costs less than it would if they purchased it directly through the store’s shopping cart. For those who spend a considerable amount of money on workout gear each month, the savings are tremendous.

Blogger Teri Hutcheon has enjoyed being a VIP member for several years now. Each month, she receives a workout outfit that matches her style perfectly. She has been thrilled to see that each Fabletics item maintains its quality after many trips to the washer and drier. She also loves the fit of the items as they are built to complement the body.

The Next Step

The success of Fabletics has made it clear that online retail is taking over the world of consumerism. For that reason, many were surprised when Hudson announced that she was opening up physical Fabletics stores around the country a few years back. However, Hudson implemented a unique strategy known as the reverse showroom technique. This technique uses brick-and-mortar stores to act as showrooms, leading customers to the website and urging them to join the VIP membership program. As of now, over 25 percent of Fabletics shoppers leave the store as VIP members.

Thanks to the success of these physical stores, there are more Fabletics stores in the works that will be slowly launched over the next few years.

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