Dr. David Samadi Answer Viewers Live On HouseCall Sundays

Dr. David Samadi is a brilliant mind at Lenox Hill Hospital where he is the Chief of Robotic Surgery as well as Chairman of Urology. Now he is collaborating with the those who had previously helped make his Fox News Channel show a success in order to bring a similarly themed “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” to the internet audience who will be able to learn from his expertise by watching live online. It is a presentation which will bring the latest medical issues and innovations to the people while also giving them worthwhile medical tips and advice that will be able to change their lives for the better.

Those who would like to take note of his medical knowledge will be able to watch via a myriad of platforms. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Live, and DrSamadiTv.com will all be broadcasting this show so that viewers will have a choice of choosing the outlet which works best for them and their computer or mobile device. The doctor received his Bachelor’s from Stony Brook University and then went on to get an M.D. at Montefiore Medical Center. Some of his latest analysis and advice have included a look at the ails of Hilary Clinton with a resulting presumption that her latest symptoms could be the signs of some much bigger health issue that her team is unwilling to release or not fully aware of.

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Some of his other interesting study work has shown that women need about 20 more minutes of sleep per night than their male counterparts in order to get the proper amount of recovery from a day’s activities. He has also contributed to a variety of Fox shows with info such as that of a study showing that U.S. children and teenagers are not drinking the proper amount of water and revealing info that there is a new innovative blood test which could help diagnosis certain types of cancer like prostate cancer many years ahead of time. These are just some examples of the sought after information that Dr. David Samadi has been able to provide viewers, and now he will have his own show again on Sundays which will get this type of knowledge directly to them. Viewers are ablet to interact by calling in directly during the live show or sending emails with their questions and concerns. The doctor will do his best to address all of the viewer concerns during the feed with 212-365-5000 being the number to call.

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