USHealth Advisors Inspires HOPE

Randy Hildebrandt was like most people who have tried different jobs in the search of career where he felt fully inspired and fulfilled. He had to deal with injury and failure before he finally found the path that resonated with him. His story has the power to positively impact others to keep going after what you want out of life.

Randy was born and raised in Texas with the hopes of becoming a professional baseball player like Nolan Ryan. He played the sport he loved all throughout high school but eventually had to give it up due to an injury to the shoulder. He went on to  college where he majored in economics and business and searched for a job he could love. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

Randy found that his chosen profession just wasn’t the right fit for what he wanted out of life. After some searching, he accepted a position selling insurance. Although he had never done this type of work before, Randy was determined to give it a shot. This optimistic attitude was just what he need to catapult him to a successful career with USHealth Group.

Randy was chosen to be the Satellite Division Leader in their USHealth Advisors division. With this role, Randy was able to help with their mission of HOPE. HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday and this is what Randy found made all the difference in his life by bringing him true happiness.

HOPE works with other organizations who are also in alignment with their vision for making a difference. Their amazing work includes donated food and water to those in need such as survivors of the devastating storm, Hurricane Katrina. In addition, HOPE also donates brand new clothes and shoes to children’s homes in the United States.

Randy Hildebrandt and his family of four take pride in the work that his company does for people everywhere and encourage others to find what makes them happy. Be sure to take a look at how you can positively impact the world by helping those in need and make a difference in your community today! Learn more:


USHealthGroup , Creating Success Stories

Mark Brodinsky, an employee of USHealth Advisors has been telling beautiful success stories that cannot be found on Facebook. USHealth Advisors is the parent company of USHealth Group. Mark Brodinsky is the perfect person to share these success stories because he is a great man of faith. He is a person who believes that everyone is their own miracle. Mark believes that it is easy to find your destiny as long as you keep faith and work hard towards your goals.

USHealth Group and the USHealth Advisors both have a mission to help others. The President and CEO of USHealth Advisors, Troy McQuagge, started a mission named HOPE several years ago. This mission is dedicated to helping people who live throughout the entire nation. Over the years these two companies have committed themselves to going above and beyond to doing kind acts. The companies have helped to build homes after Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and the companies have also helped the parents of cancer patients. USHealth Group has spoken publicly on several occasions to inform the public that giving back is a way of life for them and they won’t ever stop.

The most recent employee to join the USHealth Advisors team is Randy Hildebrandt. Before Randy joined USHealth Advisors he had a hard time finding his way through life and just finding exactly what he wanted to do with his career. Randy started out thinking he wanted to work as a baseball player; however, that did not work out because Randy had soon developed a shoulder injury. Afterward, Randy found himself working as a bartender while he was saving money in college. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

After Randy graduated he soon started working at an insurance company. The insurance company that he was working for for several hours away from his home and he just felt like he was working a job with no purpose. After Randy had a conversation with Troy McQuagge, he decided to join their team. Randy is extremely happy with his new position with the company. He is now happily married and he is also a father now. Learn more:


Breaking Down FreedomLife Insurance Policy Choices

There are many smart people in this country that are confused over how to pick a fitting life insurance policy. The language that many insurance agents use seems like gibberish to most. Find an insurance agent, like those from Freedom Life Insurance, that has the communication skills to break down the finer points regarding life insurance policy choices. A trustworthy insurance agent will not hesitate to explain the nuances of each policy option in a plain and straightforward language that laypeople can understand. These agents will be happy to answer any customer questions, and they will put the prospective policy holder at complete ease.

Some have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with high pressure sales tactics used by some questionable insurance agents. Find a reputable life insurance company that has been in operation for many years. These respected companies, including Freedom Life Insurance, will review all of the differences between the available policies on the market. Individuals should consider their budget, future financial needs, reasons for getting life insurance and length of time desiring any of the policies. With this information, competent agents can aid the consumer in choosing the exact policy that will best meet their current and future expected needs.

Freedom Life Insurance, plus other major insurance brands, have several policy options with differing coverage times and amounts paid to beneficiaries. They typically divide options between two categories. Term Life is used to cover time periods less than lifetime expectations. Couples with small to teenage children might consider this type if wanting to provide college education fund security. This policy might be in effect for 10 years. Afterwards, if the insurance agency allows, like Freedom Life Insurance often does, the policy may be renewed without worrying about successfully passing any medical exam. A policy holder might have to pay a bit more for this option, and they should inquire about this clause before signing the document.

More people are inclined to buy permanent life insurance policies. When taken out early, these policies cost less than if older. Always read even fine print before agreeing to terms.



The Benefits Of Lifeline screening

Lifeline screening is painless and non-invasive. Preparations for lifeline screening are as follows:

For stroke (Carotid Artery Screening)

Wear short-sleeved shirt that’s not closed at the collar

Avoid turtleneck shirts

For Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Wear loose clothing

If you have to eat, take only light meals four hours before your lifeline screening

If you feel thirsty during the four hours before your life line screening, consume little amount of water or a half-full cup of tea or coffee.

Take medication as prescribed

For diabetes patients, fasting for four hours makes you feel uncomfortable; In this light, you are advised to consider taking diabetic foods only.

For Stroke (Atrial Fibrillation)

Wear loose clothing

Don’t wear pantyhose, a watch, oil or lotion

Switch off your phone

For Peripheral Arterial Illness (Ankle-brachial Index)

Wear loose clothing

Wear short-sleeved blouse or shirt, don’t wear pantyhose

Elevated C – reactive protein

Requires no preparation

Type-2 Diabetes

Fast for at eight hours before your screening

Osteoporosis Test

Avoid Pantyhose


Requires no preparation

Six for Life Plan

Fast for at eight hours before your screening

Wear short-sleeved blouse or shirt

What to Expect During a Life Line Screening

First, you will be welcomed by one of the staffs when you arrive for your life line screening. You are advised to come early (at least 15 minutes) before your lifeline procedure. This way, you will have enough time to complete the necessary paper works and prepare for your screening. Most lifeline screening often takes about 60-90 minutes. If you need any special medical assistance, you will be informed.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Life Line Screening?

According to CDC report, chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, result to the death of seven out of ten Americans every year and account for 75 percent of United States health budget.

The good news is chronic conditions can be prevented through lifeline screening. Life line screening makes it possible for you to find out if you are suffering from any of these problems early enough. If the screening shows that your condition is severe, you are advised to visit a doctor and seek immediate help. If there’s a chance of you developing any serious illness, you will be trained on how to take care of yourself to make sure that you do not fall victim to the disease in question. As you can see, it’s very vital that you consider getting a lifeline screening.



Talk Fusion Makes Reading Emails worth your Time

Newsletters, blog posts, endless notifications from social sites, personal and professional emails all flood our inboxes on a daily basis. The emails are just overwhelming, and not everyone gets to read through every email. This gap was identified and filled by Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a very innovative and creative company founded and managed by Bob Reina in 2007. It mainly focuses on video marketing and is headquartered in Florida. It is the first one of its kind to exist in the world.


Talk fusion is devoid of pop-ups and the common distracting ads that appear on the screen. It contains state of the art branding packages to capture and retain clients’ attention to facilitate a lot of sales for your company. The brainchild of this idea, Bob Reina, is a consistent contributor to the Huffington Post, a blog with an excess of two hundred million readers. With over 2000 template designs, it offers a wide array of options for clients to choose from. It boasts of a supportive team that assists in custom designing for personalized emails. The team is well represented in one hundred and forty countries by agents who market Talk Fusion’s products.


Video marketing is phenomenal in that it adds a personal touch to communication. Not only is it attractive, but also efficient in driving the point home. Clients are assured that the message has been communicated effectively. Talk Fusion offers a free trial of the all-in-one video marketing for thirty days. This gives a client enough time to determine its suitability before a purchase is made. The firm’s packages are very affordable and reliable. Talk fusion enables businesses to be outstanding while pitching to clients.


Talk Fusion’s president, Bob Reina writes articles for Huffington Post and has been doing so since the year 2016. Contributions have been made on matters regarding business, entrepreneurship, trending matters on video technology, lifestyle, effective sales and marketing skills and self-improvement. Talk fusion is keen on corporate social responsibility by aiding communities and charity causes globally. The company is centered on empowering people both in the corporate and social worlds. Learn more: