Betting on college football is about more than just luck

Professional sports betting is like the game of blackjack. It has always possessed a sort of mysterious allure because unlike most of the games in the house, even unskilled players know that there are a few talented pros who can beat the odds and become long term winners. In the case of blackjack, many people are amazed to discover that beating the game itself is not all that difficult. A simple plus/minus count system is generally all it takes to get an edge in good games. The blackjack pro’s hardest job is to get the casino to let them keep playing.

Professional sports bettors run into this same problem, although to a lesser degree. Most sportsbooks will tolerate winners as long as they don’t win too much. This is true with college football as well as all other sports. However unlike blackjack, professional sports betting is not a matter of learning a simple system and memorizing a few charts. The best sports bettors, like Billy Walters and Teddy Covers, employ cutting edge statistical tools and software for mass data mining as well as decades of personal experience.

NCAAF odds in particular is a great area to start focusing on for new sports bettors. Division I alone has 252 football teams. With games running almost every day during the season, a bettor can almost always find a game on which to bet. Maybe most importantly, such a plethora of games running all the time makes it much more likely that on any given day you’ll find an inaccurate point spread.

There’s no easy way to become a professional level sports bettor but there are clear roads to get there if one is willing to put in the work. A great place to find both spreads and fixed odds as well as insightful analysis and tips on honing one’s handicapping skills is is the site started by Teddy “Covers” Servansky. It has up to date info on all college football spreads across every major sportsbooks, and many smaller ones too. Founded in 1995 by one of the world’s foremost handicappers, is a great source for accurate sports betting information. Staffed around the clock, they provided updates spreads, odds and lines for every NCAA football game and most other sports events as well. is a trusted source for stats, articles, and other info for serious sports bettors as well as industry news.

The best thing someone new to NCAA football betting can do is to start reading as much as possible on the subject. is a great place to start.