Alexandre Gama Puts Latin America On The Map

Alexandre Gama has taken the long road to success. A native of Brazil, Gama began his career in advertising after graduating from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. All the way back in 1982, as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather, Alexandre established himself as a special talent.

After 9 years of sharpening his chops, Gama moved onto work as a creative director for the Brazilian firm. He began to be noted for his creative eye, winning numerous industry awards in the 1990s.

By 1999, Alexandre Gama was known throughout the entire world as a creative genius, and started his own agency, Neogama. With his work there, Gama has gone on to win 23 Golden Lion awards from the Cannes Film Festival, as well as numerous other industry awards. In 2008, Cannes selected him to teach a Masterclass, the first Latin American to do so. It is these honors as well as many other ones that has helped Gama become one of the most sought after creative advertising executive in the world. His creative mind, along with his entrepreneurial acumen, has made the industry take heed of other talent from Latin America. With over 35 year of experience, Gama’s work is unparalleled.

Lori’s Senecal Leadership Endeavor

Lori Senecal would step down as the Global CEO of CP+B at the end of 2017. She has served the agency for two years. Her tenure will be remembered most for American Airlines win.

Senecal said she and the chairman of CP&B Chuck Porter privately sketched out a plan for departure at the time she joined the agency.

It was in March 2015 when Senecal took on the role of global CEO Partners agency CP+B. It was during this period when this function was introduced in the organization. Before that, Senecal served as CEO and president of MDC Partners Network. She continues to hold the role as the global chief executive officer of CP+B. Visit Forbes for more info.

The co-founder and chairman Chuck Porter once referred Lori as the perfect person to help CP+B become a new global agency, that has the nimbleness and flexibility of an entrepreneurial start up. The motivation behind this was due to the remarkable leadership qualities portrayed by Lori.

In October 2015, one of the highlights for CP+B under Lori’s global leadership was to land American Airlines. In a dramatic move, CP+B snagged the account from TM Advertising, in spite of the fact that the latter had worked closely with American Airlines for at least 25 years.

Lori’s strong focus on leadership and talent led advertising age to associate CP+B with “Creativity Innovators of the year .“ Recently she was featured on the Adweek’s Power list, which demonstrated the top leadership in tech, media, and marketing.

Before, Lori used to serve as CEO and Global Chairman of KBS. Under her tenure, KBS realized growth from 250-persons private agency to over 900 people in the world.

Before joining KBS, Lori used to serve as President of the flagship New York office of McCann Erickson. Previously, she had also worked as a Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann World group.

The fourth daughter of a retail-worker-turned-shop-owner and a schoolteacher, Senecal says she was raised in a very competitive environment which helped her to learn how to fight for attention practically since her birth. ”I felt an urge early on to peruse my path and break away from the pack,” she wrote in an email. Check out the website

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