Sahm Adrangi: CEO and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital

If you have been following business news, especially in the investment management industry, you may have heard that Kerrisdale Capital has published a negative report with respect to biopharmaceutical company Proteostasis Therapeutics. If you’re unfamiliar with Kerrisdale Capital, it is a private investment management company headquartered in New York. With regard to Proteostasis Therapeutics, it is a company that works to develop protocols aimed at restoring protein homeostasis in the human body. The negative report published by Kerrisdale Capital points to the company’s short position with QuinStreet, an Internet marketing firm.

Although Kerrisdale Capital is a relatively small investment management firm, they are creating quite a reputation for themselves in the industry, thanks in large part to CEO and Founder Sahm Adrangi. As far as his professional background goes, Sahm Adrangi attended the prestigious Yale University where he earned a B.A. in economics in 2003, before beginning his career with Deutsche Bank, working in the bank’s leveraged finance division. In 2005, in an effort to broaden his career horizon, he joined Chanin Capital Partners, an investment-banking firm with offices in London, New York, and Detroit.

Still eager to sharpen his skills in the financial world, Sahm Adrangi joined Longacre Fund Management, in 2007. In his role with firm, he served as the Chief Financial Analyst, a role that perfectly aligned with his ambitions and desire to achieve greater professional success. This position enabled Sahm Adrangi to gain a great deal of experience in managing multi-million dollar portfolios. In fact, while with Longacre Fund Management, he was tasked with managing over $2 billion dollars in distressed securities.

What does Kerrisdale Capital hope to gain by publishing negative reports concerning Proteostasis Therapeutics? The firm has made a name for themselves by expertly forecasting company stock performance to build capital. So, more likely than not, that is the chief objective.

The firm’s business model works by investing in troubled companies with the hopes of turning a profit. Basically, the firm will sell stocks that they do not own, expecting that the security price will fall. If it does, the firm is able to repurchase it at a much lower price point and resell them when the security price increases.

Mike Baur’s Contest At START Summit

You might immediately think of tryouts for a professional baseball team when you hear about a pitch contest, but this is actually what people who are starting new companies are doing at startup conferences in Switzerland. Mike Baur, the Chairman of an incubator company known as the Swiss Startup Factory also has spoken at a conference known as the START Summit which discusses high tech developments and ways to market startups. START has open pitch contests where attendees can either offer impromptu pitches, or they can display full presentations to investors. Baur also has offered mentorship sessions for students and business-minded people to give information on building structured startups.


Mike Baur went from a traditional job in banking to now doing things on his own time and in more unconventional settings. Banking was a job Baur loved at first because of the investment information he learned from his superiors. He went from apprentice to management level at UBS Bank and was a favorite of many on the bank’s board of directors. He appeared to be moving toward a comfortable retirement once his banking career was over, but in 2008 everything changed when the financial recession from the US came to UBS Bank. Baur had to leave UBS and tried to stay on course with his banking career when he joined the management team at Clariden Leu, but he saw a whole new slough of regulations hit banking that he opposed, and he felt he could do better than constantly working in an office all day. He decided building a startup investment firm while risky, could be a real boost for the changing Swiss economy.


Baur had connections with investment advisors and venture capital firms, and he also knew he needed a mass media marketing company to promote his startup investment company. He and Max Meister partnered with Goldback Group and several other sponsors to get the Swiss Startup Factory up and running, and Red Bull Media has been it’s main marketing channel. Basically the way the SSUF works is by allowing anyone with a business idea to apply for a three-month training program, and they’re accepted if they pass the vetting. The three months are filled with activities that test the capacity of entrepreneurs to think under pressure, show entrepreneurs how to capture the attention of investors and give them an office to work out of if they pass the course. Baur is hoping to change the Swiss business community from its old ways into an innovative environment for the future.


Alexandre Gama Puts Latin America On The Map

Alexandre Gama has taken the long road to success. A native of Brazil, Gama began his career in advertising after graduating from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. All the way back in 1982, as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather, Alexandre established himself as a special talent.

After 9 years of sharpening his chops, Gama moved onto work as a creative director for the Brazilian firm. He began to be noted for his creative eye, winning numerous industry awards in the 1990s.

By 1999, Alexandre Gama was known throughout the entire world as a creative genius, and started his own agency, Neogama. With his work there, Gama has gone on to win 23 Golden Lion awards from the Cannes Film Festival, as well as numerous other industry awards. In 2008, Cannes selected him to teach a Masterclass, the first Latin American to do so. It is these honors as well as many other ones that has helped Gama become one of the most sought after creative advertising executive in the world. His creative mind, along with his entrepreneurial acumen, has made the industry take heed of other talent from Latin America. With over 35 year of experience, Gama’s work is unparalleled.

Advice on Business Performance from Glen Wakeman

People in business want to be successful, but not everybody has what it takes. Business and finance are the two fields many people would not pick as a career because the players are quite ruthless. They require quick decision making and bold choices, but Glen Wakeman has what it takes. His career in business and finance is now longer than two decades.


He is the CEO of a company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company started its journey in 2015, it is still growing and is not showing any signs of stopping. Glen Wakeman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance as well as a Master’s degree in Finance. His career started at a company called GE Capital. He later worked at DFC and became the CEO and President.

This experience and his education taught Glen Wakeman how important it is to work hard and never take anything for granted (Ideamensch). He is also a mentor and entrepreneur who wants to inspire others to go into finance and economics. Glen Wakeman is an inspiration for others and he can offer advice from his personal experience which is more valuable than anything written in a book.

However, his approach to the company was revolutionary, and he looks at five areas within the company that are critical to measuring. Performance measuring is important for any business because it allows managers and CEOs to see how well the business is doing and compare the data to implement any necessary changes then. He looks at execution, governance, human capital, leadership, and risk management and encourages other CEOs, business owners, and managers to do the same.

He is also a writer and people enjoy reading his blog about the news in the fields he knows well – changes in business, global markets, and leadership. His experience also comes from the fact that life took him around the world. Glen Wakeman lived in several countries around the world, learning from the way different cultures do business. He enjoys his job and enjoys a hands-on approach to being a CEO. It allows him more flexibility and to be more in touch n changes in the business.

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