Bernardo Chua: Founder of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is widely-refereed as to the top names in the industry of direct selling. Bernardo has focused on his coffee efforts for the last decade. Other products in his interest have been tea and cocoa. For this reason, he has also worked extra hard to introduce these products to people all-over-the-world through direct selling policies.

Bernardo has also played a major role in the excellence of two companies including Organo Gold and Gano Excel. His business commenced in the Philippines. For this reason, he has also played a major role in the bringing of Ganoderma in the United States of America and Canada. In Philipines, the name Bernie was adopted by most of his business associates as the short form of Bernardo. In the early parts of his life, he thanks the Chinese for introducing him to Ganoderma.

This is a product of mushroom which can be found growing wildly in the woods I the interior parts of China and other countries in Asia. For this reason, he also decided to found the initial market for herbs and succeeded in the bringing of coffee through his dreams as a business man to the public arena.

When Bernardo Chua set out to do business in his dreams, he saw the great benefits which lied in the direct selling platform. For him to grow his business quickly, he needed a spearhead to make it work out effectively.

For him to commence his business in the Philippines and grow to other parts of the world, he needed a stronger force of marketing found through direct selling strategies through the online arena. For him, direct selling is one of the only ways to do business I this competitive world.

One of the most successful business people in the Asia is Bernardo Chua. His business has grown to other numerous amounts to make his world a better place to thrive

. Because he believes in the force of direct selling, he has also found many benefits of direct selling through research and innovation. For him to succeed in this business, he decided to work closely with the greatest producers of Organo Gold. This allowed continuity of business.