USHealth Advisors Inspires HOPE

Randy Hildebrandt was like most people who have tried different jobs in the search of career where he felt fully inspired and fulfilled. He had to deal with injury and failure before he finally found the path that resonated with him. His story has the power to positively impact others to keep going after what you want out of life.

Randy was born and raised in Texas with the hopes of becoming a professional baseball player like Nolan Ryan. He played the sport he loved all throughout high school but eventually had to give it up due to an injury to the shoulder. He went on to  college where he majored in economics and business and searched for a job he could love. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

Randy found that his chosen profession just wasn’t the right fit for what he wanted out of life. After some searching, he accepted a position selling insurance. Although he had never done this type of work before, Randy was determined to give it a shot. This optimistic attitude was just what he need to catapult him to a successful career with USHealth Group.

Randy was chosen to be the Satellite Division Leader in their USHealth Advisors division. With this role, Randy was able to help with their mission of HOPE. HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everyday and this is what Randy found made all the difference in his life by bringing him true happiness.

HOPE works with other organizations who are also in alignment with their vision for making a difference. Their amazing work includes donated food and water to those in need such as survivors of the devastating storm, Hurricane Katrina. In addition, HOPE also donates brand new clothes and shoes to children’s homes in the United States.

Randy Hildebrandt and his family of four take pride in the work that his company does for people everywhere and encourage others to find what makes them happy. Be sure to take a look at how you can positively impact the world by helping those in need and make a difference in your community today! Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Technology Takes Email Marketing To New Heights

With the rise of instant methods of face-to-face communications like video conferencing, email marketing is now seen as being less effective and efficient. But Talk Fusion is now using their WebRTC technology to turbocharge email marketing and give people new and better ways to use their email accounts to communicate. With its WebRTC driven video email, Talk Fusion is making the future of email communication available to people today. The company’s WebRTC browser-based video calling app makes it possible to use their video email messaging service to do direct marketing.


Using Talk Fusion’s WebRTC powered video email, its possible to send videos to countless devices and have them viewed by simply accessing any email account. The company’s video email technology can be used for group video meetings, video forms and newsletters and video calling. The technology is linked to Talk Fusion’s multi-level marketing program. Through it, paying clients can generate sales and earn commissions using the app. With WebRTC, individuals and businesses do not need to have the app to get and view the video emails and newsletters. The video emails can be viewed on any web browser. Plus, without any plugins or downloads they can be used to host live video calls.


With WebRTC technology the browser owners use common codes that allow the public to interface with their background programming. The built-in audio and video capabilities of the browsers is used by Talk Fusion to run their video calling as well as other multimedia applications. People can watch video email when it lands in their in-box and ,through the power of WebRTC technology, use a direct video portal to talk to whoever sent the video email. People that know how to use JavaScript can set up a WebRTC portal and add a ‘call now’ link within the text of their video email message or they can use professional WebRTC apps like Appear and Talky for free. Learn more:

Former Florida police officer Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007. The Brandon, Florida based company provides people with the technology they need for broadcasting, video conferencing and social networking. Talk Fusion uses their patent-pending, proprietary, video technology to help companies resolve their video marketing problems and challenges and grow. In more than 140 countries around the world independent Talk Fusion marketing associates give people access to the company’s innovative products. With WebRTC enabled video email, Talk Fusion is transforming email marketing.


What OSI Industries’ Specific Capabilities Are

OSI Industries has built a large network of food processing centers and supply chains over the years to become one of the world’s largest meat wholesale companies. While meat specifically was where they began in the industry, they’ve moved into inclusion of baked goods, vegetable dishes and some dips and soups. OSI Industries not only has elaborate processing equipment in their plants, but they also have advanced research and development teams that specifically work on crafting new products, researching the health and nutritional information on products and also help cut the costs of production. OSI Industries has come a long way from its humble beginnings to have all the advanced food engineering technology it has today.

OSI Industries was once a company known as Otto & Sons which was named for its original founder Otto Kolschowsky, a butcher in Chicago. He opened the original butcher shop in 1909 and after saving up enough money opened a local factory. That factory became the base of Otto & Sons which stayed in the family all the way to the 1950s. The products put out by Otto & Sons specifically attracted McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc who specifically asked Otto & Sons to become the restaurant chain’s first meat supplier. Now poised for a chance to grow big, Otto & Sons brought financial expert Sheldon Lavin to the company and under his guidance, he helped the company get financing to open more plants and grow with their McDonald’s partner. Eventually Lavin took over as CEO and began investing in processing plants and logistics centers in Europe and Asia, and with its international push the company became known as OSI Industries.

Among the priorities OSI Industries has made part of their agenda, employee safety and well-being has been at the top. Lavin and company President David McDonald have stated they like to run the company more on a ground level approach where everyone can have a say and express both positive comments or concerns about their workplace, and they take whatever steps they need to to make it better. But positivity certainly has shown in what employees have said about the company, and many of them find the culture to be quite rewarding that they end up staying even longer than they originally thought they would. And with both physical and environmental safety being no easy feat to maintain in meat processing, OSI Industries’ few accidents and overall enforcement of safety procedures led to them receiving the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour award in 2016.

Tips for Taking Out a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance isn’t necessarily something that any of us wants to think about, but it can be a wonderful asset in times of need. In the event of your death, you need to know that your loved ones have the money that they require to do a funeral and to pay for bills and expenses. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it is time for you to think about choosing a company like Freedom Life Insurance to help with taking out a policy. The policy is necessary because it helps you to feel confident in that you have coverage that is specific to your needs.

Once you make the decision to get this type of policy, you will find that it prevents you from feeling badly about the experience. This is something that you are going to find helps a lot, and it allows you to feel good about the experience that is needed. There are a lot of people who have made use of Freedom Life Insurance and are happy with the type of plan that they have taken out for themselves. There is nothing worse than not knowing what it is that you’re going to need for a life insurance policy, so be sure that you look into this for yourself.

If you need more information on the type of policies available to you, it is a good idea for you to think about choosing Freedom Life Insurance for yourself and starting a policy that is right for you. Once you make the decision on this type of policy, it is just a matter of choosing something that is ideal for your needs. Be sure that you look online and see which types of companies are available to meet your needs. Next, you will need to fill out a simple form and you will have the insurance that you need right away. Once you do this, you will see just how effortless it is for you to get the right type of choice in life insurance and have the coverage that you need. Learn more:


Mike Baur’s Contest At START Summit

You might immediately think of tryouts for a professional baseball team when you hear about a pitch contest, but this is actually what people who are starting new companies are doing at startup conferences in Switzerland. Mike Baur, the Chairman of an incubator company known as the Swiss Startup Factory also has spoken at a conference known as the START Summit which discusses high tech developments and ways to market startups. START has open pitch contests where attendees can either offer impromptu pitches, or they can display full presentations to investors. Baur also has offered mentorship sessions for students and business-minded people to give information on building structured startups.


Mike Baur went from a traditional job in banking to now doing things on his own time and in more unconventional settings. Banking was a job Baur loved at first because of the investment information he learned from his superiors. He went from apprentice to management level at UBS Bank and was a favorite of many on the bank’s board of directors. He appeared to be moving toward a comfortable retirement once his banking career was over, but in 2008 everything changed when the financial recession from the US came to UBS Bank. Baur had to leave UBS and tried to stay on course with his banking career when he joined the management team at Clariden Leu, but he saw a whole new slough of regulations hit banking that he opposed, and he felt he could do better than constantly working in an office all day. He decided building a startup investment firm while risky, could be a real boost for the changing Swiss economy.


Baur had connections with investment advisors and venture capital firms, and he also knew he needed a mass media marketing company to promote his startup investment company. He and Max Meister partnered with Goldback Group and several other sponsors to get the Swiss Startup Factory up and running, and Red Bull Media has been it’s main marketing channel. Basically the way the SSUF works is by allowing anyone with a business idea to apply for a three-month training program, and they’re accepted if they pass the vetting. The three months are filled with activities that test the capacity of entrepreneurs to think under pressure, show entrepreneurs how to capture the attention of investors and give them an office to work out of if they pass the course. Baur is hoping to change the Swiss business community from its old ways into an innovative environment for the future.


USHealthGroup , Creating Success Stories

Mark Brodinsky, an employee of USHealth Advisors has been telling beautiful success stories that cannot be found on Facebook. USHealth Advisors is the parent company of USHealth Group. Mark Brodinsky is the perfect person to share these success stories because he is a great man of faith. He is a person who believes that everyone is their own miracle. Mark believes that it is easy to find your destiny as long as you keep faith and work hard towards your goals.

USHealth Group and the USHealth Advisors both have a mission to help others. The President and CEO of USHealth Advisors, Troy McQuagge, started a mission named HOPE several years ago. This mission is dedicated to helping people who live throughout the entire nation. Over the years these two companies have committed themselves to going above and beyond to doing kind acts. The companies have helped to build homes after Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and the companies have also helped the parents of cancer patients. USHealth Group has spoken publicly on several occasions to inform the public that giving back is a way of life for them and they won’t ever stop.

The most recent employee to join the USHealth Advisors team is Randy Hildebrandt. Before Randy joined USHealth Advisors he had a hard time finding his way through life and just finding exactly what he wanted to do with his career. Randy started out thinking he wanted to work as a baseball player; however, that did not work out because Randy had soon developed a shoulder injury. Afterward, Randy found himself working as a bartender while he was saving money in college. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

After Randy graduated he soon started working at an insurance company. The insurance company that he was working for for several hours away from his home and he just felt like he was working a job with no purpose. After Randy had a conversation with Troy McQuagge, he decided to join their team. Randy is extremely happy with his new position with the company. He is now happily married and he is also a father now. Learn more:


Rodrigo Terpins: Working Hard, Off Road

Rodrigo Terpins is an entrepreneur who has taken his passion for the off-road and adventure sports to a whole new level. He is a prominent off-road driver who has participated in several competitions and charitable events. He has managed to gain the attention of advertisers and off-road fans all over America and continues to participate as much as he can to live out his love for sports. One of the most recent competitions that Rodrigo Terpins participated in was for the Sertoes Rally. This was one of the biggest and most well-known off-road sports events in the entire country, which is why Rodrigo Terpins saw this as something that he had to take part in. Hundreds of fans from all over the country had come to this event, to cheer on the participants and to get their daily dose of off-road action. The event saw a total of thirty-eight participants, and Rodrigo finished in the top ten among them all.

Before competing in off-road events, Rodrigo Terpins was known for the various entrepreneurial ventures that he took on. However, he always possessed a great love for sports, right from an early age. According to Terra, this love for the sport was instilled in him by his father Jack Terpins, who pushed his son to partake in almost any sports that he could get his eyes on. He supported his son in whatever endeavor that he took on, and urged him to practice as hard as he could to be good at whatever sport he took up.

Working hard is always something that Rodrigo Terpins (see, strongly stood by. It was something that his father taught him at a very early age and was something he continued to carry on with him through the course of his career. He knew that even if he did get a good amount of exposure to sports, he would still have to work very hard to be the best of the lot. He implements this policy a lot in the off-road events and training that he partakes in, which is what has got him this far in the sport.