Securus Technologies Offers a Wonderful Opportunity of Communicating With Friends, Family, and Relatives, in Spite of One’s Situation

There are many options that are available for people to communicate and keep in touch with those who are currently in jail. Among those options are visitation, phone calls, and now, a brilliantly designed and innovative program that is being used by select correction facilities, a program referred to as Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is taking the correctional facilities by storm in its communicative design. It is a program that enables inmates to participate in visitation sessions with their relatives, friends, or significant others via means of video conferencing in which the “visitor” in this case can simply “visit”, although not technically, from the comfort of their very own home.


There are a vast array of reasons why people are choosing to utilize this form of communications over actual visitation in a jail center. Firstly, the visitor is no longer obligated to travel any specific distances to the jail as they can conduct their visitation session over a computer connection. Second, the video conference session that Securus Technologies provides enables people to connect without having to go through the lengthy appointment processes that have often been an issue for many when setting up scheduled appointments, and last (at least in this particular list; there are probably a lot more, but we will not get into it here,) it enables authorities to take advantage of an opportunity in which they may potentially be able to make an arrest if any kind of evidence is revealed. In this case, conversation counts as evidence, thus, giving them the right to utilize any segments of what is being said by either party if needed.


Give the customer service representatives a calls to see how they can help you in beginning this wonderfully designed product that has been made for your ease of use.



How to Find Venture Capitalists with Marc Sparks

The best ideas in this world require some serious funding if they are to materialize. Getting this funds proves to be a daunting task as the owner of the idea has to prove himself to the venture capitalists for them to part with their money.

Marc Sparks is one such kind of a venture capitalist and shares some of the things that one should be aware of before calling a venture capitalist. He says that one should make his points with visuals. Marc Sparks says that venture capitalists are busy people who cannot waste time looking at useless graphics.

Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist himself and says that you should tell your story with your data and do not exaggerate at all. They need to hear you interpret your data for them by telling them how you want to be successful just by manipulating the numbers. He says that entrepreneurs do not look for proven research or data that people claim.

The third thing that Marc Sparks speaks about is the importance of keeping your products or things simple. He does not see the importance of complicating things as the investors will lose the much-needed attention. Instead, the presentation should be very simple and clear. This makes it easy for venture capitalists to absorb things slowly and smoothly.

Finally, Marc Sparks insists on the importance of coming with the entire team in your presentation. This shows that you are proud of your product. This is an opportunity to show that you can work together with other people with passion and professionalism. This guarantees you some funding and success.

Marc Sparks is a believer of himself and other people. He was not good in school and was a C student. For him, he did not let the grades decide his destiny. He rose from a C grade to become one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the United States of America. He even uses his life as an example to inspire other people.

He has written a book called “They Can’t Eat You” using his life experience. He jumped into entrepreneurship immediately after college. He has many titles with him today. He is a venture capitalist, businessman, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He is living in Dallas, Texas where he is involved with a company called Timber Creek Capital.

Most of his ventures can be found in the telecommunication industry. He is the guy behind ventures like Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom as well as Blue Jay Wireless. Marc has the notion that someone should not keep all the money that they earn but should help the less fortunate.

He has donated his time and fortunes to causes such as the American CAN! Academy, Habitats for Humanity and Samaritan Inn. The Samaritan Inn is a homeless shelter in Dallas.