How Does Kenneth Goodgame Make True Value Look Great?

The True Value names conjures a lot of images that people remember from their youth. They remember going into these stores to find the things they needed, and they remember how easy it was to shop there because the stores were merchandised in a simple manner.

It is that old hardware store feel that Kenneth Goodgame wants to keep alive, and he is trying to make sure that the company still has that look when he has new customers come in. He has done a lot of work to be sure that people will get the results they need, and he wants them to feel comfortable once they pass through the door. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

The people that come into these stores are having an experience that Kenneth Goodgame put together for them, and he has made sure that all the stores look the same. It is a nice piece of consistency that people are loving when they are shopping, and it makes them want to come back to True Value in the future.

It is also a place where they can bring their kids because it is such a nice place for them to visit. It gives them a chance to feel like they are going back in time, and they can still buy the modern things they need.

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing and merchandising guru who has proven that he company is the only one that can offer this experience. He wants to be sure that all the people who are coming to see his stores get that same warm feeling when they come in, and he wants to keep that up with the modern tools they need to buy.

He is able to make the True Value name mean something beyond what people are used to, and he has succeeded in changing their image.

The Success Of Strategic Merchandising Expert, Kenneth Goodgame.

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing guru who commands respects in all companies that he works in. His success reputation has earned him the title of merchandising expert. He has vast experience in the retail industry having worked in different companies in different positions. The University of Tennessee alumni graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Goodgame worked at The Home Depot from 1994 to 2002 where he served at various levels. As the Hardlines D28 product merchant, he was responsible for pricing, general management, purchasing and line reviews. He managed store-opening tasks for more than 200 new stores. While serving as the director proprietary brands, he negotiated with John Deere to manufacture and sell consumer tractors and mowers.

Kenneth also led the launch of RIDGID brand product and created growth in sales for vacuum. He led brand management for Husky and Workforce lines and launched 20 Husky Air Tool program. As the company’s senior global product merchant, he launched the largest product line and increased the sales of Toro branded snow equipment.

According to Bloomberg, in the years 2002-2007, Kenneth Goodgame worked at Newell Rubbermaid. He served as the senior vice president marketing, sales and president and general manager Footprint and Rubbermaid Cleaning. He led the company in launching several product lines, new product development, sales and marketing strategy and also secured contracts with Wal-Mart. Goodgame joined Techtronic Industries North America in 2008 till 2010.

Kenneth Goodgame was the president, Baja Motorsports and Direct Tool Factory Outlets and delivered major profits. The merchandising expert improved working capital, reduced costs of goods and removed unproductive parts thus adding the net sales. In the two years he worked at the company, he opened over 28 stores.

Since 2010 to 2013 Goodgame served as the general merchandising manager at ACE Hardware. He was responsible for 80% of corporate strategy and led the growth in sales of hand tool category. The strategic retail expert created a world-class merchandising test facility and a great retail success. Currently, he is the chief merchandising officer and the senior vice president of True Value Company.

He is responsible for global sourcing, private label, pricing, print advert, marketing and merchandising. He has created a high-energy team culture that has product expertise. He has overseen improvement in customer count and also created a new end cap program.