Betting on college football is about more than just luck

Professional sports betting is like the game of blackjack. It has always possessed a sort of mysterious allure because unlike most of the games in the house, even unskilled players know that there are a few talented pros who can beat the odds and become long term winners. In the case of blackjack, many people are amazed to discover that beating the game itself is not all that difficult. A simple plus/minus count system is generally all it takes to get an edge in good games. The blackjack pro’s hardest job is to get the casino to let them keep playing.

Professional sports bettors run into this same problem, although to a lesser degree. Most sportsbooks will tolerate winners as long as they don’t win too much. This is true with college football as well as all other sports. However unlike blackjack, professional sports betting is not a matter of learning a simple system and memorizing a few charts. The best sports bettors, like Billy Walters and Teddy Covers, employ cutting edge statistical tools and software for mass data mining as well as decades of personal experience.

NCAAF odds in particular is a great area to start focusing on for new sports bettors. Division I alone has 252 football teams. With games running almost every day during the season, a bettor can almost always find a game on which to bet. Maybe most importantly, such a plethora of games running all the time makes it much more likely that on any given day you’ll find an inaccurate point spread.

There’s no easy way to become a professional level sports bettor but there are clear roads to get there if one is willing to put in the work. A great place to find both spreads and fixed odds as well as insightful analysis and tips on honing one’s handicapping skills is is the site started by Teddy “Covers” Servansky. It has up to date info on all college football spreads across every major sportsbooks, and many smaller ones too. Founded in 1995 by one of the world’s foremost handicappers, is a great source for accurate sports betting information. Staffed around the clock, they provided updates spreads, odds and lines for every NCAA football game and most other sports events as well. is a trusted source for stats, articles, and other info for serious sports bettors as well as industry news.

The best thing someone new to NCAA football betting can do is to start reading as much as possible on the subject. is a great place to start.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is many things including an American entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a father, as well as a father who is a dedicated individual towards helping the world not only be informed, but also find new solutions to world’s most pressing issues such as health care. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey to a family that taught him traditional values that he has kept close to heart throughout his career and throughout his success as an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier is known for his intelligence and for his dedication to not only learning, but also through teaching individuals about new information as well as ways to gain more information. As a father, Eric Pulier is not only looking to make the future a better and brighter place for his children, but is also looking to make the world a better place for all of humanity into the future.

As early as the fourth grade, Eric Pulier began programming computers as a hobby which later grew into a passion as well as a career. Eric Pulier often feels lucky about his job due to the fact that it often feels as though he does not have a job. In present day, Eric Pulier is the co-founder, founder, as well as consultant to over 15 successful companies around the world and advises each of these companies on how to improve while helping others improve as well. Eric Pulier always looks to the future and looks to how individuals would be affected by the decision he makes.

As an early scholar as well as a successful entrepreneur, Eric Pulier is often sought after by both the private sector as well as by the public sector for his knowledge as well as for his big name. In 1999, Eric Pulier was requested to not only create, but also execute an exhibition in Washington D.C. that would showcase the future of technology in the 21st century. This exhibition was just the beginning for Eric Pulier as he continues to find new and creative ways to help others around the world with the help of his knowledge.

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Helane Morrison And Ethics

One thing that Helane Morrison is very passionate about making sure everything is working as they should be between the customers and the institutions. For one thing, if the customers find themselves to be victims of a breach in ethics, then that could ruin the industry for them. However, without regulations, institutions are going to step over the line. After all, it is very easy to step over lines that one doesn’t know about. This is why Helane Morrison is around. She works as a compliance officer to remind the institutions that there are boundaries. It is important for them to keep within the boundaries so that they can keep things moving.


Helane Morrison is also very effective. One of the reasons that she is very effective is that she has gotten some of the best education available to her. She has also taken the time to get as much mentoring as she can from different sources. Among the people that have given her some of the best mentoring is Harry A Blackmun. Helane has not only made sure that she has learned a lot about the industry she is working in, but she has also prepared herself for a lot of opposition because people tend to want to fight for their ability to cheat.


One thing that helps Helane Morrison push through the obstacles is that she is willing to look through the eyes of the customer. She has used this to help her rise into leadership roles in law firms. For one thing, the compliance industry was always a male dominated area. However, she has managed to rise above the ranks because she is one passionate person when it comes to ethics and making sure that the institutions are being run in a way that is beneficial to everyone.


Cotemar: The Backbone of the Mexican Oil Industry

Headquarted in Ciudad del Carmen on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Cotemar is an indispensable part of the Mexican oil industry. A full-service provider for Pemex, the Mexican national oil company, as well as other companies, for 37 years, they has been associated with Pemex and supported its operations in the Campeche Sound. Cotemar has helped oil producers extract and transport oil and provided a variety of construction, maintenance, and workforce support services. They are also suppliers of specialized transport vessels and semi-submersible rigs.

Cotemar’s specialized vehicles are essential to all aspects of the extraction process. In addition to transport vessels that move oil and other materials, they also boast an extensive fleet of tow vessels and barges. They likewise assist in transporting staff and in the provision of emergency services in situations such as fires or spills. Cotemar, however, is best-known for its semi-submersible drilling rigs. These large platforms are similar in appearance to a pontoon. They can be towed from place to place and once in position are deployed onto the ocean floor.

The company is heavily involved in maintaining and rehabilitating off-shore rigs and processing facilities for PEMEX. Cotemar helps with all operational facets from prefabricating and assembly to service lines and operations. This is made possible by Cotemar’s state-of-the-art communications capabilities and professional staff trained in design, construction, and rehabilitation. See:

Cotemar takes their social responsibility extremely seriously and uses the latest safety technology to minimize any impact on the environment from its activities. They recently announced a new partnership with Recicla Electrónicos México, a firm specializing in the disposal of discarded electronics, as a part of its commitment to the environment. Cotemar is committed to always using the latest technology in all of its operations, environmental safeguards, and design services in order to provide the highest quality of service.