Why is Beneful So Popular for Dogs?

Beneful is a popular dog food that is made by Purina. You will want to have plenty of it available for your dog at all times. Make sure that you find the flavor that they like the most because this will incline them to eat more of it. It comes in wet or dry dog food. You can also buy treats for your pet in the Beneful brand.

All of the wonderful minerals and vitamins that your pet will get in every bite of this dog food will make them healthier and they will look better. You will love the vitality that your pet will have after they start eating the BenefulWalmart food.

There are several different ways to save when you buy Beneful. You will find online coupons, sales and promotions so make sure that you take advantage of them in order to get your dog the Beneful meals and treats.

Investing in Smart Home

Todd Lubar is a real estate investor and business owner. He has built a great portfolio of real estate investments during his career. Despite all of the economic issues during this time, he has made money and had fun doing it.

One of the things that separates Todd Lubar from others is his risk tolerance. He invests in properties that many people feel are too risky. In the coming years, he is going to continue investing and building his portfolio. With some of the changes that are taking place in the industry, he sees many opportunities in the years ahead. He is a strong proponent of the smart home movement.

Saving Money

Smart homes are a great way for homeowners to save money over time. Although they cost more in the beginning, these smart homes will use less electricity and other resources. According to affiliatedork.com, this is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment.

Todd Lubar is investing in many new smart homes in his area. With the hot real estate market, he strongly believes that this is a great time to buy. Anyone who wants to learn more about real estate investing should follow the work of Todd. He produces a lot of online content around smart homes and investing in real estate.

Future Changes

In the years ahead, Todd Lubar wants to continue investing in real estate. He is making a lot of money every month from his investments. This gives him a large amount of capital to invest with.

Smart homes are the newest trend in the real estate industry. Although smart homes are more expensive, they are a great way to improve the local environment. Todd Lubar believes that business leaders should use their influence to improve the world around them as much as possible.



The new culture adapted by MB2 Dental Association

A dental session may not be as complicated to the patient as it could be to the dentist. As dentists have to perform administrative and nonclinical duties before attending to patients, a patient’s main focus is on the quality of professional services they receive. MB2 Dental, therefore, offers management practices that allow a company to focus their attention on professional care and dentistry. This dentistry company, owned by Dr. Chris Villanueva, focuses on support, promoting quality time between the dentist and patient, personal growth and also autonomy. The retreats have become very significant to the culture of the organization as they enhance dentist-to-dentist relationship as well as the dentist-patient relationship. This organizations dynamic is unique as compared to that of many others.

Dr. Villanueva believes in the principle that doctors can assist one another to accomplish more tasks as a team than when operating independently. His leadership runs across six states, helping the dentists to practice successful operations that prioritize their need to work in a healthy and balanced network. Through this, Dr. Villanueva is able to accomplish his vision which is to promote the best corporate dentistry and sole-practitioners in this particular industry.

MB2 dental provides its affiliates with a variety of effective services such as relief from office management operations. Some of the business ventures that require professionalism at its highest degree include recruitment and training, business development and marketing, finance and accounting, credentialing among others. MB2 relieves its dentists of the troubles that rob their time, allowing them to pay enough attention to the main job which is professional patient care. This is done by handling micromanagement factors of dental practice operations.

The 80 affiliate locations are in six states, namely Texas, Tennessee, Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. MB2 Dental offers a variety of opportunities to increase efficiency and patient care in dental offices. The company recently organized a retreat in Cancun, Mexico, which ran for four days. In attendance were approximately 40 dentists with their spouses. This created an opportunity for them to have fun together in celebration of their consistent hard work and success in their fields of work. During this period, the company facilitated recreational activities such as boat tours, visits to the spa, swimming with dolphins and golf among so much more. There was also plenty of time to spend on the beach relaxing and have a great time together. The aim of such a retreat is to connect affiliated dentists so that they can communicate and support one another on a professional and also personal level.http://www.vitals.com/dentists/Dr_Chris_Villanueva

Waiakea Water Makes Way for Relief

Although we live in a world that is more than 70 percent water, there are many men, women and children who have to make a way through life without access to it. To be more precise, they do not  live without water, so much as they have to live without enough clean water for their community. The fact of the matter is that certain people live with unsanitary water, which results in higher mortality and child-mortality rates compared to other nations.

These numbers can be shocking, especially when particular aspects about them are put under the proper light. One thing to consider, when it comes to the lack of access that a number of the world’s population has to water, is the area in which this population lives. Sadly, many of the hottest places on planet earth are where the global community sees the most need for relief and reform of infrastructure to the systems and the citizens they serve.

Countries along the equator, on the continent of Africa, are where organized aid is most needed. The use of water in these areas is incredibly low when compared to that of the average American citizen. And, that is exactly why Waiakea is proud to be part of the PumpAid Beyond Water program. This project does more than bring cool and clean refreshment to the mouths of hundreds of thousands of people. It brings relief to their future.

This happens through the “give a man a fish” model, and it has a simple bottom line to follow. For every bottle of Waiakea water sold, the company supplies one week of clean well water to a community in need. But the project does not just pay to have water running. The engineers and program works who make things happen collaborate with members of communities to make sustainable solutions.

The way it works is simple and genius at the same time. When PumpAid Beyond Water comes to a location, they do not just build water pumps, they work with the people of the community to make sure they know the steps to build pumps for themselves. Along with this knowledge, Waiakea makes sure that the people they show how to build constructs also know how to teach others to do the same thing.

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Securus Technologies Exposing Prison Drug Sources

Me and my fellow corrections officers are hard at work each day trying our best to keep any types of drugs out of the hands of the inmates. If one inmate is getting high, they not only are a danger to themselves, they are going to put me, my officers, visitors, staff, and other inmates in danger. We spend a good part of our day working to fight the flow of drugs, and we have several resources available to us in order to do that.

One of the things we do each day is take the drug-sniffing dogs into the cells to find anything illegal. We spend a large part of the day searching inmates and visitors for any contraband, then we turn our focus on the phones. After we monitor inmate calls, we even check the mail for anything that should not be there. Despite all these efforts, we still have a big problem with the inmates being able to get drugs.

When we were informed by our superiors that Securus Technologies was going to be upgrading our phone monitoring system, we didn’t have a clue back then as to how incredibly valuable this resource would be. In the past we had to pay close attention to the calls and try to make certain we did not miss key chatter on drugs, weapons, or other illegal activities. The company is committed to making this world safe, and we can attest to how effect it has helped my team.

Now when we program the LBS software to listen for certain chatter, we can focus our efforts in another part of the prison while the monitoring system is listening to every word the inmates say. We spring to action now when we hear anything related to contraband and the inmates inside of our jail.

Dentists Can Lighten The Load With MB2 Managed Solutions

As a management solution provider, MB2 Dental is an affiliate network, consisting of over 80 independent dentists, located in six states. As a part of a larger network, each participating dentist maintains an independent clinical practice, but relies on organized services instead of in-house management. The managed services provided by MB2 Dental include: IT, human resources, procurement, business development and training, accounting and finance and marketing and billing and collections. In other words, dentists can focus on their patients, while knowing that the strategic business needs of the practice are being taken care of by MB2 Dental. The whole purpose of MB2 services is to let dentists concentrate on providing patient care, while they take care of everything else. Dentists who perform all their own operational functions have to hire staff, and ensure that they’re properly trained, this in addition to seeing patients. When dentists choose MB2 as a managed solutions provider, internal business functions are restructured.

Before joining the MB2 Dental affiliate network , each dentist participates in a free complimentary practice assessment. It’s during this assessment, that MB2 is able to determine which tailored management solutions would enhance their business model. The dentists are more than affiliates, they’re working partners and associates who also perform outside charity work together. They travel as a group to provide needed dental services to the underprivileged. But more than that, they’re a network of professional friends. The affiliate dentists also vacation together, recently enjoying a retreat off the grid in Cancun, Mexico.

One of the affiliate dentists, Dr. Akhil Reddy can attest to the benefits of MB2 management services. Born in Lubbock, Texas, Dr. Reddy attended the University of Pacific (California); where he earned his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. At 23, after matriculation into the doctorate program, at the same university, he graduated with honors. With his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, he moved to Dallas and opened an independent practice there. Reddy is an “influential member” associate of MB2. He really likes that the affiliation allowed him to be hands-on with his patients. Dr. Reddy saw the value in MB2 after it took him a long time to create a profitable practice. One of the benefits he enjoys most about MB2 is the marketing strategy, which generates new business for his practice. Dr. Akhil Reddy said Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ is his favorite book.

Logan Stout And IDLife Take Health To The Next Level

As a professional baseball player Logan Stout understood the importance of health and fitness. He was part of 17 World Series either as a player or coach. Logan has a passion for coaching and helping youth obtain their goals in the sport. He recalls the confidence a young person can gain as they learn and improve their performance in a sport they love. Logan followed his passion by establishing the Dallas Patriots which is one of the largest baseball organizations in the world. The idea is for all youth to have the opportunity to experience baseball through private classes, camps and clinics.

Logan’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to develop healthcare products which is all part of his company IDLife. He believes that ideal health is a major factor in success. IDLife has a full line of products to help with many poor health issues. Logan is also a successful author with his book “Stout Advice: The secrets to building Yourself, People, and Teams”. He also has an immense passion for motivational speaking inspiring others to reach their goals.

Logan is married and resides in Texas with his wife and two sons Miles and Cooper. He cherishes the time he is able to spend with them when he is not promoting healthy living with IDLife. He is grateful to the people in his past who influenced him and attributed to his success.

IDLife was founded in 2014. The name IDLife comes from “Individually designed” which defines their approach to health. IDLife is a leader in personalized nutrition using only the very finest ingredients. Their vitamins are matched to individuals based on sex, age lifestyle details and personal goals.

They provide a personal assessment on their web site that is used to determine your needs. The algorithms used to assess your personal information is backed by scientific data from over 7500 clinical studies. Everything regarding product and health recommendations is personalized for your individual needs. Not only can you experience the health benefits offered by their products but you can profit by recommending the products to others.

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The Career Journey of Ohio-Based Real Estate Expert, Tammy Mazzocco

The real estate market in Ohio has become favorable for home sellers. Although the real estate industry across the United States is in Turmoil, Ohio has seen an 8.1 percent increase in home prices compared to last year and a one percent increase from last month’s prices. The favorable conditions are expected to continue. A new development in New Albany, Ohio is in the pipeline, thanks to a home builder who has laid plans for building 240 homes.

Although home sales are increasing, Ohio has remained as one of the few cheap places one can earn a living. Moreover, middle-class jobs have been on the rise. The technology sector has not been left behind as it has witnessed rapid growth. Additionally, the Ohio public system has been named among the best systems in the nation. This has made many parents not to send their children to private school. Families see Ohio as one of the best places to raise their children. All these conditions sum up the major reasons why the real estate business in Ohio will not go down anytime soon.

With Ohio becoming a prime place for property investment, new homebuyers and sellers are expected to flood the region soon. This will further increase the prices, and thus home sellers should be prepared to reap from this opportunity.

Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate expert with unmatched skills and experience in the industry. She graduated from the Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences. Tammy Mazzocco’s real estate career began when she served as a secretary at Edwards Realty Company, a property firm specializing in commercial properties.

While at Edwards Realty Company, Tammy Mazzocco worked with a team of nine commercial realtors before leaving the firm to work for Scotland Yard Condominiums. During her time at Scotland Yard Condominiums, Tammy managed to become a licensed agent. She later worked at T&R Properties before pursuing a full-time career as a real estate agent in 1999. Today Tammy Mazzocco has over two decades of experience, and she is recognized for helping Ohio citizens in getting their dream homes.

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Mike Heiligenstein: Role of CTRMA and Technology in Traffic Management in Central Texas

In 2015, Mike Heiligenstein was of the opinion that traffic congestion was expected to increase in Austin, Texas. He, therefore, suggested that a tech solution would suffice to alleviate the problem. Mr. Heiligenstein added that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority CTRMA acknowledged that at times the problem might be due to a road issue while at other times roads may not be the issue.


Accomplishments of CTRMA


Delving into what the Mobility Authority had done so far, he indicated that the authority had build 183A Toll Road in Leander and Cedar Park. CTRMA had also developed the United States’ 290 toll road that connects Austin and Manor. Both these roads had eased congestion in the areas they served and also increased their capacities.


In response to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s “2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard,” the authority was providing pedestrian and bicycle paths wherever possible to encourage more people to walk and cycle. To reduce congestion whenever caused by a car breakdown, the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program would be involved in the provision of free roadside assistance to help motorists with minor car problems.


Technology and Traffic Management


Given that innovation is at the heart of the Mobility Authority, Mr. Heiligenstein indicated that the MoPac Express Lanes undertaken by CTRMA would incorporate technology for the management of traffic flow. This forward thinking was attributed to anticipation of traffic management developments in future when vehicles may be able to communicate with road infrastructure such as noticing that another vehicle was driving in the wrong direction. Working into this future, the Mobility Authority partnered with Metropia to create a mobile app that would provide commuters with real-time alternative routes whenever there was traffic snarl up. CTRMA had also partnered with Carma, a carpooling app, to encourage ride sharing.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has spent his career working in the public sector. He graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in government, masters of government and an MBA. Before taking up his role as the executive director of the CTRMA, he worked in the Round Rock City Council as a member and also served as a Williamson County Commissioner. He has always directed his efforts towards infrastructure programs. Since taking up his role at the CTRMA in 2003, he has overseen the growth of the Mobility Authority into a nationally acclaimed leader in toll road operations. Under his leadership, the Mobility Authority built its first toll road 183A and introduced video billing and all-electronic tolling. Mr. Heiligenstein also sits on the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and the Texas Transportation Institute boards.

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Highland Capital Management Might Have the Job Offering You Were Searching for

If you want a job in the financial, administrator, commercial area, or maybe a position related to those spots but merely working for a company that does investment analysis, advisory and strategy, you should consider Highland Capital Management, one of the fastest growing investment companies in the United States.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management is continuously looking for new employees to train and share knowledge in the financial field of the industry, teaching a lot about the most modern investment plans and what are the biggest winners when managing the investments of corporations. A risk-free or low-risk but higher reward? What are the options, and why are some better than others?


There is a lot to learn about the capital management company, and they are one of the best first-time jobs available in that industry for students who just graduated from the University or are still in the School of Finances.


Among the available positions with the group, the most-searched one is the Strategic Account Manager, which serves as a full-time job to learn about the strategies and investment solutions that Highland Capital Management offer to their clients.


The group has positions for the Accounting Office, Finance, work with marketing and propaganda, be a part of the IT team or the Administrative team. This means that you are not obliged to be studying finances to work with Highland Capital Management, as they need people from all sorts of knowledge to make the company keep functioning as a multiregional enterprise of high quality.

If you’d like to be a recruiter for the industry, there is a “Client Portfolio Manager” position, in their headquartered office at Dallas. If you’d like to learn more and execute fund administration and accounting, there is also a very requested job offering, and all of those can be found on the company’s official website.


The group triumphed in the last year, for finding the best investments of the moment, as they have found the very profitable market of energy stocks in 2016, which generated up to 32% of profit for the clients of the investment agencies who warned them of the investment opportunity arising. It was one of 2016’s biggest investment shots of the market, and the fund made a lot of profitable investments for a majority of their clients.