Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Solutions Enhance Institutional Security and Public Safety

Keeping correctional facilities safe and secure is a never ending. Correctional officers, inmates, and the community at large depend upon optimal safety and security protocols at correctional facilities.


One of the most significant, prevalent threats to the security of correctional facilities is the illicit introduction of contraband cell phones into these institutions. Securus Technologies is considered the industry leader when it comes to the development of technology designed to prevent the introduction of illicit cell phones into correctional facilities. Moreover, the innovative Securus Technologies wireless containment systems are designed to identify and eliminate cell phones illegally brought into penal institutions, including jails, correctional institutions, and prisons.


An alarming story about a former Florida correctional officer underscores the horrible possibilities that can result from a cell phone being illegally introduced into the correctional facility. While at work in a Florida correctional facility, Johnson discovered a box containing contraband. The value estimated value of the contraband in the institution would be about $50,000. Johnson’s efforts prevented the introduction of this contraband into the institution.


The inmate at the institution responsible for the contraband in the first instance had possession of an illegal cell phone. He used the illegal cell phone to arrange a hit on CO Johnson as retribution for the officer preventing the introduction of contraband into the facility.


The hitman broke into Johnson’s home early one morning. He opened fire on the correctional officer, seriously wounding him. In the aftermath of the shooting and attempt on his life, has made keeping cell phones out of correctional facilities a major effort in his life.


As noted, Securus Technologies is ranked as the industry leader in regard to wireless containment technology. Securus Technologies wireless containment technology is becoming more widely utilized in correctional facilities across North America.


Research conducted by Securus Technologies reveals how severe the problem of illegal communications by inmates using cell phones is in the United States at this time. Over a one-year time period, Securus Technologies reported that it prevented 1.7 million attempts by inmates at eight institutions in the United States to make illegal communications using cell phones. Keep in mind that this represents the outcome at eight out of literally thousands of different types of correctional facilities that are in operation from coast-to-coast in the United States at this time.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based business. The company provides a wide range of technological services and solutions to correctional institutions and public safety agencies across the United States. In fact, the company serves about 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies in the United States. Securus Technologies solutions are in use at institutions housing 1.2 million inmates across North America at this juncture in time.


Brown Modeling Agency: 21st Century Modeling At Its Finest

The modeling industry is one of the most fascinating and exciting industries on earth. You’ll find some of the most attractive physical specimens within this exclusive line of work, but there’s more to modeling than just a pretty face. One of the top up-and-coming agencies in the country is Brown Modeling Agency, and it is setting new trends at an extremely fast rate. This agency is actually a conglomerate of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. The combination of the two agencies has created plenty of success because the talent is very diverse. Brown Modeling is a full-service talent agency that works across a large field of subjects. These subjects include fashion, runway, industrial video, print, catalog, voiceover, tradeshows, conventions, corporate events and many more.

Austin, Texas, just so happens to be the home of Brown Modeling Agency, but this company has satellite offices in Dallas, Texas. The talent here is very good as many of the individuals have worked for high-profile names like Dodge Ram, TNT Network, HBO, Louis Vuitton, Landshark Beer, Bing, Bright House and more. The agency has also been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to this success and there’s a lot of development that goes on behind the scenes, which prepares the talent in a professional way. Justin Brown, founder of Brown Modeling Agency, has been in the business for many years. The guy was an actual model back in the day, and he has worked behind the scenes by acclimating the models to this exclusive field of work. “We are only as good as our talent,” said Justin.

On the other hand, Brown Modeling Agency has laid a fine blueprint for other smaller-market agencies to follow. This specific agency has a great network of contacts across the country, and it has provided talent for Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week. The sky is truly the limit for this company. Thanks to its ability to bring in fresh new talent on a regular basis, the agency will continue to grow in a dramatic way. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency is changing the industry for the better. For more info, visit the Brown Agency Instagram page.

The Benefits Of Lifeline screening

Lifeline screening is painless and non-invasive. Preparations for lifeline screening are as follows:

For stroke (Carotid Artery Screening)

Wear short-sleeved shirt that’s not closed at the collar

Avoid turtleneck shirts

For Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Wear loose clothing

If you have to eat, take only light meals four hours before your lifeline screening

If you feel thirsty during the four hours before your life line screening, consume little amount of water or a half-full cup of tea or coffee.

Take medication as prescribed

For diabetes patients, fasting for four hours makes you feel uncomfortable; In this light, you are advised to consider taking diabetic foods only.

For Stroke (Atrial Fibrillation)

Wear loose clothing

Don’t wear pantyhose, a watch, oil or lotion

Switch off your phone

For Peripheral Arterial Illness (Ankle-brachial Index)

Wear loose clothing

Wear short-sleeved blouse or shirt, don’t wear pantyhose

Elevated C – reactive protein

Requires no preparation

Type-2 Diabetes

Fast for at eight hours before your screening

Osteoporosis Test

Avoid Pantyhose


Requires no preparation

Six for Life Plan

Fast for at eight hours before your screening

Wear short-sleeved blouse or shirt

What to Expect During a Life Line Screening

First, you will be welcomed by one of the staffs when you arrive for your life line screening. You are advised to come early (at least 15 minutes) before your lifeline procedure. This way, you will have enough time to complete the necessary paper works and prepare for your screening. Most lifeline screening often takes about 60-90 minutes. If you need any special medical assistance, you will be informed.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Life Line Screening?

According to CDC report, chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, result to the death of seven out of ten Americans every year and account for 75 percent of United States health budget.

The good news is chronic conditions can be prevented through lifeline screening. Life line screening makes it possible for you to find out if you are suffering from any of these problems early enough. If the screening shows that your condition is severe, you are advised to visit a doctor and seek immediate help. If there’s a chance of you developing any serious illness, you will be trained on how to take care of yourself to make sure that you do not fall victim to the disease in question. As you can see, it’s very vital that you consider getting a lifeline screening.



Richard Mishaan Design; Home of Unmatched Interior Designs

There has been a significant improvement in the interior design industry. Many companies are working hard to come up with excellent designs that leave residential as well as commercial places attractive. Most of these interior designs are well thought, and most of them depend on individuals tastes. Richard Mishaan Design is one of the leading companies that has specialized in excellent interior designs. The company has over 20 years’ experience, and it has served many great hotels as well as celebrities.

Richard Mishaan Design was found by Richard Mishaan who is a great interior design architect. The company employs art designs in most of their work to ensure that clients get satisfied. Richard Mishaan Design uses styles like Art Deco, Gustavian, Mid-Century Modern as well as Rococo. They also combine some of these styles to come up with the best design. Richard also employs different colors to ensure living rooms, as well as bedrooms, are well arranged and attractive. He ensures that clients have a say in all the designs which makes their work easy.

Richard Mishaan Design has remained on top in the interior design industry for over 25 years as a result of blending elements of different styles with elements of different times. This means that all the company designs are a blend of modern and traditional classic designs. All the company designs show quality and luxury even if one doesn’t have expensive house accessories.

Richard Mishaan Design has received contracts from the luxurious hotel all over New York. St. Regis Hotel is one of the hotels that the company designed for a presidential suite. This made the company famous. Richard Mishaan Design will continue to dominate New York in commercial and residential architecture as well as excellent interior designs. The interior design company has been this successful as a result of highly trained interior designers at the firm who work very hard to come up with excellent designs.

Talk Fusion Makes Reading Emails worth your Time

Newsletters, blog posts, endless notifications from social sites, personal and professional emails all flood our inboxes on a daily basis. The emails are just overwhelming, and not everyone gets to read through every email. This gap was identified and filled by Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a very innovative and creative company founded and managed by Bob Reina in 2007. It mainly focuses on video marketing and is headquartered in Florida. It is the first one of its kind to exist in the world.


Talk fusion is devoid of pop-ups and the common distracting ads that appear on the screen. It contains state of the art branding packages to capture and retain clients’ attention to facilitate a lot of sales for your company. The brainchild of this idea, Bob Reina, is a consistent contributor to the Huffington Post, a blog with an excess of two hundred million readers. With over 2000 template designs, it offers a wide array of options for clients to choose from. It boasts of a supportive team that assists in custom designing for personalized emails. The team is well represented in one hundred and forty countries by agents who market Talk Fusion’s products.


Video marketing is phenomenal in that it adds a personal touch to communication. Not only is it attractive, but also efficient in driving the point home. Clients are assured that the message has been communicated effectively. Talk Fusion offers a free trial of the all-in-one video marketing for thirty days. This gives a client enough time to determine its suitability before a purchase is made. The firm’s packages are very affordable and reliable. Talk fusion enables businesses to be outstanding while pitching to clients.


Talk Fusion’s president, Bob Reina writes articles for Huffington Post and has been doing so since the year 2016. Contributions have been made on matters regarding business, entrepreneurship, trending matters on video technology, lifestyle, effective sales and marketing skills and self-improvement. Talk fusion is keen on corporate social responsibility by aiding communities and charity causes globally. The company is centered on empowering people both in the corporate and social worlds. Learn more:


Entertainment and Advertising Company-Newswatch Television

Not more than once but twice Newswatch worked with Avanca an award-winning organization which is a manufacturer of mobile accessories to help Ockel market their products; Pocket PC. Ockel is a sister company of Avanca. Newswatch helped Ockel during a Crowdfunding campaign, and it was the second time Ockel was using the advertising media company during the Indiegogo Campaign. In the first campaign, Ockel attributes their success to Newswatch, and their goal increased to 2939%. During the campaign, Newswatch was responsible for handling all the logistic issues, traveling, filming as well as post-production editing. The piece was aired online as well as on all Newswatch channels.
In 1990 Newswatch was established. The media company was founded to fill the gap between the consumer, entertainment news, travel, health as well as technology. Since the inception of the media, firm has been expanding and has become one of the favorite television shows in the United States of America. Newswatch has been airing their shows and programs on a weekly basis on ION Network, and on a monthly basis on AMC Network, as well as the Newswatch Discovery. Newswatch shows have been involving various correspondents as they are hosted by Andrew Tropeano. The team of the dedicated staff; having been discussing issues on a broad range of problems as well as topics which include; finance, celebrity news, public policies, as well as new products among many others.
Since 1990, Newswatch has expanded to a leader of the trusted news in the entertainment as well as the media sector. Recently the 27 years old media company celebrated their 10000 original episodes which they have been distributing and watched by over 700 million across the United States of America. With the unique materials the firm has been delivering to their viewers, Newswatch has grown to be a lover of many in the United States.

Dr. David Samadi Answer Viewers Live On HouseCall Sundays

Dr. David Samadi is a brilliant mind at Lenox Hill Hospital where he is the Chief of Robotic Surgery as well as Chairman of Urology. Now he is collaborating with the those who had previously helped make his Fox News Channel show a success in order to bring a similarly themed “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” to the internet audience who will be able to learn from his expertise by watching live online. It is a presentation which will bring the latest medical issues and innovations to the people while also giving them worthwhile medical tips and advice that will be able to change their lives for the better.

Those who would like to take note of his medical knowledge will be able to watch via a myriad of platforms. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Live, and will all be broadcasting this show so that viewers will have a choice of choosing the outlet which works best for them and their computer or mobile device. The doctor received his Bachelor’s from Stony Brook University and then went on to get an M.D. at Montefiore Medical Center. Some of his latest analysis and advice have included a look at the ails of Hilary Clinton with a resulting presumption that her latest symptoms could be the signs of some much bigger health issue that her team is unwilling to release or not fully aware of.


Some of his other interesting study work has shown that women need about 20 more minutes of sleep per night than their male counterparts in order to get the proper amount of recovery from a day’s activities. He has also contributed to a variety of Fox shows with info such as that of a study showing that U.S. children and teenagers are not drinking the proper amount of water and revealing info that there is a new innovative blood test which could help diagnosis certain types of cancer like prostate cancer many years ahead of time. These are just some examples of the sought after information that Dr. David Samadi has been able to provide viewers, and now he will have his own show again on Sundays which will get this type of knowledge directly to them. Viewers are ablet to interact by calling in directly during the live show or sending emails with their questions and concerns. The doctor will do his best to address all of the viewer concerns during the feed with 212-365-5000 being the number to call.

Find more about Dr. David Samadi:

Bridget Scarr a talented Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr is a very creative woman. She has a love for creativity in developing compelling content that spreads across platforms. Her projects emotionally and intellectually connect to large audiences. Bridget was once a TV producer that had a passion for bringing peoples ideas to life. Colibri was created so that Bridgit had a place to bring her ideas to life. Under one umbrella all of her ideas are brought to life whether they are virtual reality, exhibition projects, augmented reality, digital content or just traditional TV projects. At Colibri she heads up the content development, strategy, and partnerships. There she is also involved in the daily development, and the collaborates with international broadcasters, project partners, and creative talent that brings projects to life. Bridget does what she can to get inspired so that she can keep a creative mind. Bridget is mostly eager for virtual reality which she believes can be turned into a whole new exhibition.


Though Bridget is a successful, hard working woman she also enjoys things other than work. She loves to meditate when she wakes up, then she has breakfast with her family. And afterwards her breakfast is followed by a short visit to the office. During this time she keeps her phone up and focuses mainly on the day she has and some of the projects she is working on. Then she stays in her office from 9 to 12 and works the whole time. During this time she does her research and writes content. Her family has lunch time every day and this is the time that Bridget spends quality time with her family. But anytime after 2 her work schedule is so much more flexible. After this time, Bridget follows up with her emails from agents and coworkers, During this time she also reads books, watches TV shows, and finds some project inspiration. When evening comes around they take their son on a walk and then to the park to play and after that they have differ. Once her boy is finally asleep she does more work, or watches TV, takes a bath and gets some sleep.


Follow Bridget Scarr on twitter.

Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich rewards Veteran, College of Southern Nevada student

Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company based in Arizona, United States. For the company, they have always worked towards becoming part of the heating and cooling solution for the problems facing most of their clients. For over six decades of professional experience in the industry, Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company has amassed a great amount if wealth was solving the most sophisticated business solutions in the world of business. This is perhaps the reason why the company has been adopted on a massive scale. Few companies can compare their level of success in the industry as Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company does.

Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company has a leadership role in the heating and cooling industry as it sets the predictions based on the capacitated business solutions in a manner that depicts the business solutions in the industry. Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company is also recognized as the best cooling and heating company because they are held up in the best shape since the company was founded in Arizona. Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company has also received numerous HVAC company of the year since they worked for better business reviews. The company also has an outstanding social media appearance that strives to achieve the most sophisticated business solution in the industry.

For over two decades, Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company has worked by helping students seeking better education to enter the HVAC industry with massive adoption and success rates in the world of business. Because they have never failed at what they do, the company is achieving success solutions towards developing working solutions in the area that assimilates capabilities. Few companies can compare their level of success with Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company in the HVSC industry. Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company has also gained a name in the industry for their commitment towards helping other students get the better education and commence a journey of career development in the industry. Visit goettlshdm for more info.

Nick Hughes is one of the people who was awarded a scholarship education fund with the Las Vegas-based Southern College to help them complete their education. Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company has also amassed a great source of education towards becoming a better student when it comes to developing working business solutions in a manner that is not capacitated in the world of business and entities. His education is based on the scholarship award that came from Goettl Heating and Air conditioning Company.

Save Money with Beneful from Walmart

Keeping pets healthy and happy is of paramount importance. However, buying premium dog food gets expensive. That’s where Walmart and Beneful come in.

Benefits of Beneful Dry Dog Food

Beneful’s main ingredient is real meat, which is better for a dog’s health than by-products or grains. It comes in a variety of types and flavors. For example, the Healthy Weight dry food consists of farm-raised chicken, apples, green beans and carrots. It provides necessary nutrition with 10 percent fewer calories. There’s also Beneful Grain Free, which contains chicken, spinach, pumpkin and blueberries but absolutely no grains.

In addition to dry food, Beneful makes wet food for dogs. Chopped Blends, Prepared Meals and Medleys are popular choices. Chopped Blends use real ingredients in sauce. Medleys offer more variety in the ingredients and a thicker sauce. Prepared Meals come in plastic containers.

Buying Beneful at Walmart

BenefulWalmart provides complete nutrition for dogs at a price that won’t break the bank. Buying at Walmart means saving even more. Beneful’s dry dog food costs around $14 for a 15.5 pound bag. Wet food costs vary depending on the type but can generally be found for less than $20 for an entire case.

Save More With Beneful Coupons

Purina offers frequent coupons on Beneful that can save as much as $3 per bag. To save even more, combine a coupon with a special deal or Rollback at Walmart. When can you find a Rollback deal for Beneful? That depends on your local Walmart. Check the prices frequently and you can get healthy food that’s good for your dog and your bank account. Beneful on Walmart.